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Journeyman III

Ryzen 4650g crashing

Hello everyone,

I bought it from 5 days Ryzen 4650g and when I was using it suddenly found the computer stooped and appeared on a black screen for 3 sec and got back again with this message. 

I tried to reset the BIOS settings and update the driver to the latest version and go back to the old versions but didn't solve the issue.2022-04-18.png

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Journeyman III

Did you ever get anywhere with this issue?

I've had my desktop for over a year, and it does this several times a day, usually crashing the programs I'm using.

It seems to be when the graphic chip switches between low and high graphics. It can happen when a video appears on the screen, or even when I mouseover a gif. Recently, I've been getting very bad crashes when using VST3 music plugins, and losing all my work. This is the reason I found your post - I just lost everything I'd been working on for the last few hours, because I stupidly opened YT to watch a tutorial.

I've tried all the fixes I've read on the Net, but can't stop it - nothing has worked. Many dozens of hours spent trouble-shooting.

I've hated my new computer since day one because of this. Actually I bought two of them (one for another family member), both exactly the same, and they both have this problem.

I will never buy AMD again. Before this I had an ASUS/Intel laptop that almost never crashed during 12 years. This new desktop was supposed to be my pride and joy and last me for a decade.

Instead I feel robbed. I can't describe the hatred I have for this company, and what harm I'd do to the coders who have made me miserable every single day that I switch on my computer, and the fact that they couldn't care less that they're making and selling junk.