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Journeyman III

Ryzen 3400g... fps drops, blue screens, crashs...

i have 16 gb 3200 mhz ram b450m s2h moterboard and m2 ssd. (i also tryed with hdd) 
im using windows 10. 

im using apu getting avarage fps like 60-70 but sometimes its drops to 10.. really 10. and blue screens. 

did you download latest drivers for b450m s2h? yes. 

did you download amd chipset? yes.

did you used ddu to remove graphic driver and instal new? yes.

did you removed one ram and tried with one? yes
using orjinal windows 10? yes.

i search about it and i found alot of things about it alot of ppl facing same problem. so how i will fix it?

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