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Adept II

RX7900 XTX white flashing on google chrome when hardware acceleration is on

I wrote about the issue before but now I know what triggers it so here is the new post. It happens almost exclusively when there is a video on the page, and when I scroll the page or move the mouse. Is this a driver issue or a hardware issue? I don't see this on known issues, should I RMA my card?

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Good news to you and everyone, updating the driver to the latest version of Adrenalin 23.5.2 seems to have fixed the issue so far. I haven't been able to reproduce it, and everything seems fluid and responsive now. It's only been a day so I'm not sure if it's completely gone but feel free to write here if that fixes it for you as I'm also curious if it's pure luck or a fix for everyone.

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I can't find the other thread. If you send me a quick info of your system, like OS version, GPU driver version and also a link to the page on Chrome where you see the problem, I can certainly  look at the problem.


oh sure thing, that was kinda dumb of me!

OS: Windows 11 Pro build 22621
Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix B550-E Gaming

Cpu: Ryzen 7 5800x3D

Ram: G-Skill Trident Z Neo DDR4 3600mhz CL 16
Driver: Adrenalin Edition 23.5.1
Monitor: 32" Samsung Odyssey G7 LC32G75TQSMXUF

I think this should be good enough?  The issue is present since the launch of the RX 7900 XTX and tried all drivers consistently whenever they got updated to see if the issue is fixed. Thought it could be PSU issue and changed it to see if it was inconsistent power delivery, but that wasn't the case.

The page is simple enough, 


I don't have access to the exact same GPU however, I tested YouTube on a similar ASIC (Navi3x) and it works just fine. You were taking about white flashing on Chrome using HW=On. How about running YouTube videos on MicroSoft Edge, Firefox, Opera? Have you tested these browsers?


This mainly happens while watching videos on sites like youtube, but also happened on medium gpu usage games. Nearly impossible to reproduce consistently so I don't have a video to show it. Usually happens around 10 times a day, with a much higher rate of happening after leaving the PC idle for a while and starting a video stream.

Tried everything, like changing PSU, using one cable per PCI-e power slot, drivers and bios are up to date. Even thought of RMA'ing the card but I can't afford not to use the PC for that long. 

Anyone else with this issue? Or is this a known issue?

This is what I wrote in my first post, so it's not a constant issue, it's so hard to reproduce and so annoying, I also saw some people with the same issue on amd reddit mega subthread where people post their issues. Haven't seen many people with the issue but the issue is present on different AIB models. the fact that it's not widespread makes me think if it's a faulty GPU or not.

Tried Edge once, also happened there but never used it again as Chrome is the main browser I use


I have found a way to reproduce it. If you have your mouse over an icon on the Windows taskbar and Taskbar Thumbnail Preview is on while there's a video playback on the website (twitch live stream in this case), it frequently triggers the issue.


Do you have windows desktop background rotation on, and if so, does flashing happen at the same time as background changing?


I also had seen this suggestion but sadly no I don't have it on, and turning off hardware acceleration in Google Chrome actually fixes the issue. I often thought this could be about the idle power issue that rdna 3 has, but I'm only speculating sadly. I could try to RMA but I have no such leeway to have my computer sit without a gpu for 2 weeks of RMA minimum as 5800x3D doesn't have igpu.

Edit: It appears that I had the slideshow thingy on the background, but iirc it does happen without that too, it wasn't on before I formatted the pc to see if that changes some stuff. Did turn it off now to check if that fixes, however that shouldn't happen either way though, right?

Adept I

I have the same issue.  It randomly happens when there are videos on a website.  It happens in both chrome and edge.  And it's been like it ever since I bought it at launch.

It doesn't really happen when watching in full screen.

As a workaround, I just turn off hardware acceleration on the browsers.  But I believe this is a common issue with radeon GPUs (there are reddit posts on this too I believe)

Hopefully AMD can recognize this and do a fix.  My previous GPU (Nvidia) in the same setup did not have such issue.

Glad(!) to know I'm not the only one then. Also I refuse to accept this current situation we need to "workarounds" for a thing that's present since the launch of a top-of-the-line product. I know you are not advocating this, just frustrating to turn off actually useful stuff to not have bugs as this should not be a "fix".


Oh! I might've found a way to reproduce that issue, I even got it on the video! I dunno where I can send the video though.

I found another "workaround" and I've been using it since yesterday and so far so good.  (no hardware acceleration causes more video frames to drop as observed in the youtube nerdstats)

For chromium browsers, still enable hardware acceleration, but change the "ANGLE" flag (i.e. chrome://flags "Choose ANGLE graphics backend") to either openGL or D3D9.

I get weird flashing when fullscreen'ing videos on openGL so I tried D3D9, and so far no issues and it feels even smoother than before.  Maybe you can give it a try.

Thanks for the tip as this actually works! Hope this will get fixed so we don't need to do bug-catching/workarounds. But I don't consider this as a "solution" until it's fixed on AMD's side so we don't need to do that I suppose. Just wanted to tell you were an awesome help!

Please can you share the video here with me and I'll look into it?

To reproduce the issue, you need to open a stream, and while the stream is running on the webpage, you need to hover the pointer over any application in the background that is currently open and has a window on the Windows 11 taskbar to activate Taskbar Preview Window to activate. 

Also, I failed to reproduce this on youtube live streams, so might also be a codec difference. I don't know anything concrete so it can be totally unrelated too, though.

i have the same on rx 6600 have you found a solution and is it a driver error


like Aria mentioned, so far on 23.5.2 I barely see this happening anymore.  I may see a white flash very rarely when switching tabs but that's much better now.

Journeyman III

Also, I failed to reproduce this on youtube live streams, so might also be a codec difference. I don't know anything concrete so it can be totally unrelated too, thoug
Journeyman III

Hello, i have exactly the same problem since i installed my 7900XTX MSI. I use the opera browser. 
Has anyone found a solution ? Its realy boring these flashes 


what latte wrote above is a temporary fix, you should try that


Unfortunately im on opera gx and this option is not available... I only have the choice of "hardware acceleration" and nothing else.. 


Good news to you and everyone, updating the driver to the latest version of Adrenalin 23.5.2 seems to have fixed the issue so far. I haven't been able to reproduce it, and everything seems fluid and responsive now. It's only been a day so I'm not sure if it's completely gone but feel free to write here if that fixes it for you as I'm also curious if it's pure luck or a fix for everyone.

Thanks for the feedback, please let us know if the issue returns with 23.5.2.


Just want to report back.  23.5.2 made the situation much better but white flashing still happens occasionally.  It's pretty annoying hurting my eyes.


Hello there again, I noticed this keeps happening while watching Discord streams or when starting an embedded youtube video in chat. Can't reproduce the flicker via the same method though, but the flicker is the same, albeit rare.


My issue with chrome is resolved but, as of today, I found out that discord hardware acceleration causes the same issue. Once again, disabling it fixed it. However that shouldn't be a fix, no?

Community Manager

Could you share more information about your issue with Opera GX? I've been testing this browser myself recently but so far have not been able to reproduce any flickering. 

Could you let me know the GPU driver version you are using, GPU, and how you reproduce the issue with Opera GX? Are there any specific steps or videos you watch to reproduce the flickering?


Currently having this issue as well. Latest version of Chrome and Windows 11. Only happens in chrome and even the media app I was working on when editing the video to show the white flicker, I'm assuming it has something to do with videos being played because I don't have this issue when gaming.

Adept I

I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how to view the videos posted in this thread, when I click them it just tells me access denied even though I've signed up and logged in.


I'm currently having some kind of weird graphical artefacts on a chrome based browser and I want to see if the issue is similar.


Thanks if anyone replies!

I can't even see my own video that was posted, so not entirely sure myself..


Thanks for the reply, at least it's not just me who can't get the videos to work!


Can you tell me, did you notice if the white flashing was the full entire screen? Did it cover your windows taskbar, or was it confined to inside your browser window?


Mine was full / entire screen and I could see the mouse cursor and move it around so I know it wasn't frozen.


Hello, I have a problem with chrome-based browsers, when I come across a tile with a video on youtube, the screen flashes my card is rx 6600 and the latest driver, write back to me if you mean the same


Maybe similar it's hard to know.


I wrote a detailed bug report  with reproduction steps on the Vivaldi forum (it's a chrome based web browser) when I thought the bug was a Vivaldi issue, but now I'm reasonably certain this is a AMD driver issue since it never occurs outside of youtube, on Vivaldi / Chrome, on specific videos (avc1 encoded).


You can see my bug report: Here 

And you can see a video of what my issue looks like: Here 

Adept I

I got kinda the same problem on my Sapphire XTX Nitro+, as always its driver related I think

You found a solution to this problem

Journeyman III

Hi, i had flickering issues exclusively with chrome, they were ameliorated by lowering from 144hz to 60 hz and by turning off hardware acceleration (but this caused a lot of problems when turned off). The issues kept happening until i tried a HDMI cable which completely solved the issue (i was using the displayport included with the monitor i just bought). 

Apparently it is a common problem with low quality DP cables, but i didn't  see this mentioned in the various threads i looked into trying to solve this.