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Adept I

RX6800 turn off - Error Code 22 This device is disabled


after 8 months without any issue my ASUS TUF 6800 starts to turn off. About 4 weeks ago my monitors turn off. After restart I was not able to install driver or anything.

I check the device manager and my 6800 was disabled. I click on activate and reboot my PC. Anything works for about 15 days like usual. Then I ate and watch Youtube - black screens again and this time without gaming. It's the same problem like before. My PC is running in backgroud normal, because with remote desktop I can log in and use it. Remove DP cable, put it in - nothing helps. Reboot, device manager, activate, reboot and it works again.

Windows 11 is just for gaming, just install a browser and Spotify beside Steam and driver. I did not touch the hardware, don't update my driver, change settings or something like that, nothing. Temps are very good and like I said I don't change hardware/software. It only can be Windows which is overwriting my drivers one time (installed a old one without asking me).

5800X3D, 6800, 32GB, 2TB NVME, 800 or 850W bequiet platinium, 27 inch 1440p 2x over DP.

I thought it's my GPU but I find some some people with the same problem but with 6900XT. All this starts about 4 weeks ago by all of them.

Any idea what it can be?



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