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Adept I

RX6600: Can’t update driver/Breaks Windows/Causes Boot-loop

I have an ASRock RX 6600 8GB, i7-11700f, and ASRock B560m-c motherboard running Windows 10 Home with all updates.

I cannot upgrade to 22.3.1. The installation begins, gets to the point where the screen would flicker, but instead the whole system crashes and continually restarts until it goes to the Windows troubleshooting screen and I’m forced to reboot into safe mode, uninstall using DDU, and then finally it boots normally and I have to reinstall 21.10.2, which works perfectly. I have tried both upgrade and “factory reset” installs and both fail in the same way. I’ve also tried running DDU first and then installing the standalone 22.3.1, and still the same exact issue. I’m stuck at 21.10.2.

I had the same issues with the 22.2.x "optional" updates as well.

What is going in and how can I fix this? My PC has no other problems at all.

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