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Journeyman III

RX580 problem in CS2

Hi all. Recently I encountered a problem with low FPS in CS2. I'll explain the situation. I have my main RX580 with 8GB of video memory, and a spare GTX1050TI with 4GB of video memory which has more FPS than the RX580. It’s not clear what this is connected with, since my hardware doesn’t seem to be weak and should produce at least 100 FPS. AVG FPS on RX580: 30-35FPS
AVG FPS on GTX1050TI: 70-80FPS
Processor: Intel Xeon E5-2420 1.90 Ghz
SSD 480GB + 120GB
600W power supply with 80+ GOLD certificate
If anyone knows the cause and solution to my problem please help

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Volunteer Moderator

What kind of fps do you think you should be getting and what are you getting in other games? Looks to me like your bottleneck is the ram, processor and RX580. I think the 1050ti is still usable for 1080p gaming. You can upgrade to an AM4 MB and processor for quite cheap these days and add another 8gb of ram and you should be good. I'd say under $500 for sure.

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Thank you for your help, but this problem occurs not only in CS2. For example, in Stray on the RX580 the average FPS is 40-45. And on the GTX1050TI 60-70. All these indicators were made in a resolution of 1600x900 px. Do you have any other options for solving this problem as I change the entire platform since I assembled my entire computer for $300, but now I’ll have to completely change the platform.