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Journeyman III

RX580 outputs square glitch/artifacts on load and crashes.


I have Strix RX580 8GB and it keeps crashing on heavy load. First, it outputs purple/glitch square artifacts, then completely crashes with single colour output or if lucky, i get BSOD "VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE" with some a*******.sys failure.

Issue started, when I moved my pc in a car. It was sitting vertically(bad idea), so gpu was probably making stress on pci-e because it's quite heavy card. After I moved, I plugged in pc, and i had purple cube artifacts on Startup (BIOS).

Card was perfectly fine and well, until i moved PC.

The guess of mine of the issue is about the pci-e connection. Because on Idle, if i wiggle card a bit, it creates mini square artifacts but does not crash, doing same on other gpu won't do anything. Futhermore, i was able to stop Furmark before card completely crashed, and it gave me error message, that some address 0x51651561 could not be read.

Maybe it was bad luck, but I don't think the VRAM or the chip itself is bad, because it only started doing so after moving the PC. Could be that it shorted something when after moving pc I turned it on or the physical stress of heavy card while moving made micro fractures in PCB.

Testing on other system first try, it could run furmark 24/7 with no crashes at all! Until i touched the card itself and all of the issues came back. Tried reseating card few times but haven't got lucky.

But maybe you could tell me what could gone wrong here or what I could try?


PC is totally fine. Can stress my other gpu fully, game, no issues at all. Tried moving card to other pci-e slot or completely other system, does same. Tried different drivers, completely reinstalled windows on SSD.



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