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Adept II

RX580 crashing/black screen since about week ago

Started to get black screen and driver would crash and not come back up since about 1-2 weeks ago, has happend only few times now in total, while gaming mostly, at least couple of those times I've saved instant replay and then the gpu would crash, maybe just coinsidence though... anyways just wondering if any1 else has been having same issues and if you've found a fix, perhaps a driver that works? Or is my gpu just dying. 

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Journeyman III


I've been having the same issues with mine, starting a few weeks ago. Started happening very suddenly, i'm not sure why. Only seems to happen when playing Destiny 2 which is odd.

I'll let you know if i find a solution, I came across your post while looking for one. All I can really add is to say it's not just you.

Journeyman III

Faced similar issue, I installed newest drivers but the problem still occurred. I also downloaded msi afterburner to monitor the temps and from what I've observed there were no temp spikes prior to the crash. and i can confirm its not temp problem..

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Probably the first thing you'll need to do is install the latest AMD? Chipset drivers from your motherboard, if Windows Update hasn't already done so.
Download Adrenalin 21.10.2 from AMD Driver / Support and DDD, disable the network card, Windows Update and set the device installation to No; remove all graphics drivers in Safe Mode with DDD; restart and then install the 21.10.2 driver only and restart and then you can reactivate the network card and don't forget the monitor driver. This procedure prevents an AMD Microsoft driver from Windows Update from conflicting immediately after the restart. I did the same with my RX5700XT and GiBy X399 Aorus Pro. Instead of adrenaline, I use the MSI Afterburner and the Furmark benchmark to test the graphics card I set myself.
You have to compare the graphics settings in the game with your own graphics profiles and so stable gaming is possible, try it out!