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Journeyman III

Rx580 8gb crashes on every game?

I recently built a new system, and my settings are:

Power: Antec NeoECO classic 550w

Cpu: i5 9400f

Motherboard: asrock H310 

Ram: samsung ddr4 2666 8gb x2

VGA: AORUS rx580 8gb

I have tested a number of games so far, and it seems high end games ( Witcher 3, Sekiro, PUBG, Skyrim, GTA5) seem to crash after about a few minutes of gameplay, but less taxing games (League of Legends, Minecraft) work without any problems. The thing is, I really can't pinpoint what the problem is, as when games crash they just simply kick me out to desktop without any error messages indicating what went wrong. The games however, seem to have a similar error because I can clearly hear the game sounds still happening, but I can't do anything because I've been kicked out to desktop and can't move my mouse, forcing me to restart the computer. Since there are no other problems in other components and the same error happens in most games, I thought that the problem is with the VGA. I tried checking the temperature, but it wasn't high enough affect performance, and reinstalling VGA drivers didn't do anything. Any help on solving this problem?

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