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Journeyman III

RX5600 over heating

I recently bought a Dell G5 15 SE with a rx5600m. i knew this laptop had some heating issues but since i didn't plan on heavy gaming sessions i bought it anyways. But now the cpu and gpu temperatures are insanely high for just using a browser. I wanted to know if there any ways to control them.

i have download latest BIOS and graphics drivers and tried disabling cpu boost . But as for the gpu idk what to do. was wondering of anyone has any solutions. 

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Your best bet is to contact your machines maker for support. 

About all I can suggest is choose the Power Saver profile vs the Balanced. That may help a little bit. 

Journeyman III

Please follow the steps in this post.

Click Here

I would like to thank user u/sirsquishy67 for his efforts.