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Journeyman III

RX480 keeps crashing while I game or just watch videos

I've been having this problem for 2 years now and after months of frustration I was finally able to narrow it down to a possible GPU issue.

Basically, when I play flashy games, sometimes my PC just... freezes and crashes, or crashes immediately. No error screen 9 times out of 10, the other time I get a SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION blue screen. Sometimes the crash is accompanied by a loud noise (from the game) right before the PC restarts. This doesn't happen during every game though, but it sometimes happens with Overwatch and it happens with Borderlands 3 a lot, so much so I can't play co-op because sometimes the game crashes after only 5 minutes of playing. And sometimes, I can game for hours and it's all fine. I have no idea what could be causing the issue and I'm really desperate.

What's the weirdest thing is that.. it doesn't just happen while I game. I've had it happen sometimes while I just.. browsed the internet. When that happens, the PC freezes suddenly, the loud noise is there, and then it either crashes by itself of I have to manually restart it. Although this is rare.

One time, the crash made it so my PC wouldn't boot at ALL until I reseted CMOS.


AMD Ryzen 7 1700X

AMD Radeon Sapphire RX480 Nitro+ 8GB
32 GB RAM (2x Corsair 16GB KIT DDR4 3000MHz CL15 Vengeance LPX)

Win 10

All drivers updated, Windows is updated too. This has been happening ever since I built this PC, pretty much. I just wanna know what's wrong with my PC. 

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Journeyman III

I want to second this.

WTH AMD? I built this thing 2 years ago and was so excited to get a great price to performance rig. It was my first foray into pc gaming coming from console, and with the problems I've had, I'm surprised I haven't gone back yet. My PS4 has never crashed once. With this thing - first year, had multiple blue screen crashes. Eventually I had to reset the whole damn thing and lost months of mod progress I had been working on. Recently I was working on modding again and started getting blue screen errors as well. I quickly emailed myself my scripts before this satan build sent my progress to hell, never to return. I was literally just playing disco elysium, the simplest game to run ever and *zzzzt crash to blue screen.

I'm scared to even update the driver at this point so I'm literally running the stock driver from 2016 so I can't play any new games like red dead 2 or modern warfare. This means I also can't use HDR properly. Even on stock drivers now, I get purple text while simply browsing with firefox. ?!?!?! Can I just get 1 year of this thing working like how I intend it to? God forbid if I had to use this thing for actual work. Oh and by the way I lost a genuine copy of windows 10 and maya 2018 because of that full reset - thanks!

And before you tell me to update this or that or repair this or that. I've tried it allllllllll. And you know what? I SHOULDN'T NEED TO!!! This thing should JUST WORK! Not everyone who plays on PC wants to become IT support levels of competent with a PC JUST TO PLAY A FEW FREAKING GAMES. I don't know if its Microsoft and Win10's issue or if its AMD's issue (my gf had problems with an AMD laptop, hmmm seeing a commonality here...). But I'll tell you this. I'm never getting AMD anything ever again. Nope. Lost my business for life. I was all on board that *rebellion urah* mentality 2 years ago since nvidia seemed like the evil big corporation that was charging money for nothing. But now I see they charge for the peace of mind that your build will just work.

OP if I were you I'd try to find the stablest driver (maybe stock like me) and just stick to that until you get a new gpu (preferably Nvidia).