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Journeyman III

RX Vega constantly blackscreen

Hey everyone I am using the RX Vega 56 Sapphire Nitro+ and latetly it always crashes when playing games.

This problem came out nowhere but happened after I updated driver to 20.2.2 and later. 

Of course I rolled back with DDU to an older driver (19.12.1) which worked in the past but now any driver shows this behavior.

1. I play a game for like 30 min.

2. Blackscreen appears -> Monitor lose signal but sound is still there.

3. Have to restart my pc.

Last year I had the same issue but back then it was my PSU which was the problem where one contact of the PCI-E was literally melted inside the PSU.

Therefore I checked my PSU and all cables which looks okay, updated BIOS and clean installed Windows but nothing seems to help?

Does anyone experience the same issue? I looked to the driver notes of 20.4.1 and there was multiple times mentioned that there occurs black screens but if its only the driver why didn't a rollback to an older driver help?

Note: In the reliability center of windows I found ''APPCRASH'' of the Radeonsoftware. (more in the picture below)

My system specs:

X470 Gaming Plus

Vega 56 Sapphire Nito+

Ryzen 2600x

PSU: Enermax Platimax D.F 750W

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If you have a stable gaming experience even for 30 minutes, performing 100Mhz underclock to GPU core frequency with WattMan can reduce the frequency of errors.


Or another option.

Uninstall your driver an install this one. 

Remember to set your current one to Default before doing this.

Journeyman III

I have the exact same issue with rx 580 Sapphire Nitro+ the last 2019 driver update was extremely stable, really no complaints there but since i updated it to 20.2.2 the problem is constant, even if i am undervolting/undercloking/downgrading to 2019 driver, try disabling Freesync i think it worked for me but i can't tell surely because these crashes are random.

Journeyman III

Thank you guys for your reply.

I made some error analysis. Testing out different hardware and unfortunately for me it's seems to be the PSU again but without having any visible damage as last time. Having installed a different PSU for 3 days now and no blackscreen so far.