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Journeyman III

RX Vega 64 Performance drops

PC Specs:

Installed Programs (As seen in "Uninstall or change a program"):




Driver Booster 5


MSI Afterburner


Razer Synapse




Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus - en-us

Microsoft OnedDrive

Synaptics Pointing Device Driver

WD Discovery

WD Drive Utilities (WD apps are used with a Western Digital Passport)

Current AMD drivers (18.1.1)

Google Chrome

Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 (x64 and x86)

Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 (x64 and x86)

Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 (x86 only)

SlimDX Runtime .NET 4.0 x64 (January 2012)

I have excluded the steam games installed in the list above.

I have recently completed a factory reset of windows, clearing and cleaning all drives and setting all of my settings to default. This took place on 1/9/2018

Recently (After I got back from Christmas break, around early Jan 2018) my games have started to suffer from dropped or skipped frames. These games include GTA5, Warframe, and MGS5 TPP. Below I will describe what is happening in each game.

GTA5: In this game I am witnessing frames being skipped, not lower fps. What I mean is, The game will be running just fine, 60 frames, my gpu usage anywhere from 60-85%, but every once in a while my game will stutter, or skip a frame. Pardon my wording but I'm not too sure on how to explain what's happening. It feels like the game is just skipping one or two frames while certain parts of the map or building are loading. I notice it when I am inside a building. (The bunker, for any GTA5 fans out there.)

Another thing I should note: When ever I saw a frame skip I would look at MSI afterburner. This didn't happen every time, but a majority of the time the GPU workload would drop for a very short time (Right when the frame was skipped) the GPU power consumption would drop as well.

Warframe: Now this game has become almost unplayable.(well that's a stretch.) Before break I was playing warframe at 60FPS with the same graphic settings with no problem, but when I booted the game after break I experienced screen flickering and skipped frames. Unlike GTA5 the screen flickering was present here. Warframe was not even running my GPU at 100% load, so this confused me.

MGS5 TPP: I just recently got back into the game to witness frame drops (Not skipped frames) when I was on high settings. Any logical person would just say "Lower your settings" and that seems reasonable. Thing is, when I'm on high settings my GPU is only at about 40% load, yet I still experience frame drops. These drops last for a short period of time, and usually go down to about 45 FPS. Now I would think the Vega 64 would be able to handle the game at max settings, and considering the game is only working my GPU at 40%, I would think frame drops would be out of the question.

Now I've read somewhere that this may be due to not enough power supplied to the GPU, but the link above shows that my PC is only using 559/750 Watts. Is 559 Watts a little too much for a 750 Watt power supply? Or does the VEGA 64 Liquid need a more powerful PSU to begin with?

A friend also told me that a lot of games rely closely on RAM. Now, I have 32GB of RAM which should be MORE than enough for all of the latest games, but the ram is DDR3 1866. Could my ram be too slow for the games and that's what is causing my issues?

My processor, the 4790k, is overclocked to 4.7 GHz, Windows task manager shows 5.5 boost clocked(Picture below). This overclock is confirmed to be stable under load, and temperatures never exceed 70 degrees Celcius. I tried clocking my processor to the default speed, but the problem was still there. (No improvements whatsoever.)

The only ideas I have are the ones listed above, and those are assuming I don't have a faulty card to begin with. Any and all answers would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Journeyman III

i have the same issue albeit with the much weaker gpu; its definitely a software issue on AMD end with the latest drivers, pulling it back has yield temporary success at best however, i really don't know what they did but my gpu isn't even close to 100% and yet it is still struggling to render things it would easily get 90 fps in

my issue particularly is despite not having the "frame rate target control" setting on, my frames with locks in at a very choppy 45 fps for some unknown reason

i don't have a solution but try different drivers from 17.X going down from 17.2.1 and see if you find a stable driver; 18.0 has definitely done more harm than good