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Adept I

RX 7900 XTX | Horrible 1% lows & Bad VR performance

For some reason im getting relatively high fps in games but the 1% lows are TERRIBLE like 9 fps terrible and every time something lightweight like Discord renders for example a new message on my second monitor im getting 0 fps lows.

Also I dont know about others but my VR performance is also horrible.
I cant run Half life alyx on max settings and 120 fps on my Quest 2 with the 7900 XTX but my RTX 3080 could.

At this point im considering returning the card.
It cant be that a 1200 Euro graphics card wont run any games smooth out of the box.

Even osu! a graphicly rather simplistic rhythm game lags on my pc every time when something happens on my second monitor. 

Team Red was a big mistake.

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Community Manager

Thanks for the post.

Please try to disable hardware acceleration in Discord to see if that helps. 

Regarding VR, this is a known issue under investigation. We have an existing discussion on this topic which you can use to track status updates and provide your feedback. 7900xtx Low Performance in SteamVR and VR in gene... - AMD Community


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Honestly Matt, you should stop asking people with VR problems to go to that same link, it provides no updates and no help to anybody. 

It would be better off trying to explain to all of us VR users, which are in the thousands, if not 10s of thousands, what your team has discovered, what may be causing the issues, how far you guys are into finding a solution etc, etc. You guys need to be more transparent with the community with this issue. I bought this 7900 GPU a month ago now, and ever since, my PC has been gathering dust. I haven't touched it since buying it because I am an exclusive VR user. 


Could you at least start a new thread for all VR users and block discussions, but just provide an insight into what your team has discovered, and whether or not this issue can be fixed?

Yeah right?

This is so aggravating that something we paid more then a grand for just isn't working


I already tried turning Hardware Acceleration off but it didnt change anything.
This bothers me a lot so if you have a solution im happy to look into it, otherwise I cant make use the graphics card and it has to go back.


Sorry to hear that didn't help. Unfortuantely the VR issue is know and currently under investigation. We hope to resolve it in a future driver update and appreciate your patience in the meantime. 


I am also getting the really bad 1%lows. I get 900 fps in valorant practice range and it drops go 14fps. Stutter is unplayable and crucial in first person shooter games 



Any news about your VR issues investigation?!

I'm waiting to buy new GPU because Nvidia 4000 are too thick for my use case. Or need I to wait next gen?



Issues are so difficult to solve?! I start to think the problem is hardware...

Community Manager

We already have an existing topic with regards to the current known issue with VR performance on RDNA3 GPUs. Rather than have multiple discussions about the same issue, please use the existing discussion to provide your feedback and to track future status updates from AMD regarding the issue. Any updates, once available, will be posted in the thread below regarding the status of the issue.