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Adept I

RX 7900 XT insopportable coil whine

I recently purchased an RX 7900 XT reference directly from the AMD shop.
Shipping was super fast, I receive the GPU and install it in my PC.
Clean driver installation.
The GPU makes a crazy noise, especially when squeezed with games like GoW, Cyberpunk 2077, RDR2.
I can understand some coil whine, however, it sounds like having a "screaming pig" inside the case.
For 1000€ card I think it is really a serious defect and especially I find it absurd to do undervolts or similar things that limit the performance in order to reduce the noise.
I ask if you have also experienced this problem or is it a defective part. At the moment I have made the return because playing like this is really impossible.
I anticipate that I have already tried everything that can be tried, I have a case with a major airflow, two separate cables for power etc.

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return it


I had 7900 XT, it made a slight piggy noise while playing CSGO, but only slight, however i sold it two weeks ago and got 3080 ti 12gb. To be honest the 7900 XT delivered better quality and less tearing. But i am now hearing the same piggy noise from the 3080 TI, but imagine that i dont hear it from the GPU but from my speakers :D, and the noise level is constant, it is not changing when i turn the volume up or down....
Bottom line: nowadays hardware is total crap, not worth the money!!!

Amen to that!
I am very sorry because the build quality of the reference is really high!

Adept I

I had the exact same issue with 7900XTX (TUF) 

Were you able to solve it?
The only solution I had found was to do some undervolt (1080mV) or play at 60 fps

60 fps at what resolution? that must be 4k? it wont work for competitive gaming unfortunately, where gaming at 300+ fps is mandatory...

Adept I

For example playing Cyberpuk 2077 I do 70-80 fps in average RT. There the noise is really high.
If I play Sekiro or Elden Ring then yes you stay on 60 fps and it's quiet.
RDR2 I play on 140 fps and it's a mess there.

All the games are at 2k resolution.