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Journeyman III

RX 7600 Hotspot massive gap

Hi, I've been trying to find more information regarding the hotspot temperature on my ASUS RX 7600 and a lot of people are complaining about 15-20 degrees delta differences, however when I'm running some games and the GPU reaches 90%+ usage the hotspot temperature rises well above 95°C and easily hits 100 up to 104°C while the core temperature is usually below 60 in the 55-60°C range. This obviously looks pretty insane considering that the case has a good airflow and the CPU has an AIO liquid cooler that pushes all that warm air directly outside. Also yes, the fans working at maximum speed all the time and are very loud (that's how I noticed the temperature was high in the first place).

The question is very simple, is this by design or is there some issues with the thermal paste/cooler mounting?

I've also already tried reinstalling drivers, limiting the FPS (it still rises above 95°C with a medium load) and reinstalling the GPU itself in the PCIE slot.





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Adept III

Not Asus, but on 4 other models it looks like 89C is max reached during testing on AMD 23.4.2 drivers:


Here's a Asus 7600 Strix OC at 77C on default BIOS and 81C on quiet BIOS along with what appears to be updated tests of the above:


If you have Adrenalin, check that the Max GPU Clock Frequency isn't set higher than the card's specification. If it is, set it to the card's max and see what temps are like. This was the case on my XFX RX 6800 and I had to manually set it to 2100 MHz.


I wouldn't be surprised if paste or thermal pads weren't properly applied either. If the GPU clock is normal, that might be worth looking at next.


You can also do a simple undervolt to lower temps. I was able to reduce my RX 6800 from 1025mV to 935mV.