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Journeyman III

rx 6900 xt driver error when playing games. no problem benchmark testing

So first time i´ve built a PC, so please bear over with me. 

so i mostly play low graphic games like idleon and mobile games on bluestacks. 

i can play them seperate no problem at all, but once i open them both at once, or play another game like warzone, the witcher and rust. i get the amd driver error and everything crashes. 

i tried swapping out my GPU with my old Strix-GTX960 obviously it´s a ancient card, but no matter what i do, i can´t get the PC to crash with that one. 

i did and RMA, but was told my GPU works 100% 

i tried tons of different drivers, tried all the windows versions and nothing have helped so far. i´m desperate to get this computer fixed, as i got so upset with it, that ive been playing on my old laptop for the last 8 months  

So i really hope someone on here can guide my through this, so i can enjoy my PC 

i had 1 daisy chain going from the PSU to the GPU. i´ve upgraded it to 3 seperate cables from cablemod. 
i´ve read somewhere that people had problems with a 1000W PSU, so could that be the case? something about the rails not being able to deliver enough power, if they´re on the same rail and not 2 seperate? 

specs of my build is as following: 

RAM: G skill ddr4 16gb - 3600 royal elite 
PSU: Corsair RM1000x - 80+ gold 1000W
SSD: 1x tb samsung 970 evo plus - 1x 1tb samsung 980 
CPU: i7 - 12700k
GPU: Sapphire TOXIC radeon rx 6900 xt air cooled 
Motherboard: asus rog strix z690-A gaming wifi d4 

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Journeyman III

It's the same with RX 6700XT too, I'm close to never coming back to AMD for GPU's. I've not had a stable one at all, I go back to NVidia and I don't have a single failure.


I thought about trading my card for a Nvidia, but i will be dammed, if i can´t get this to work. 

It´s insane the ammount of post i´ve seen regarding this problem with the 6xxx series.