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Adept I

Rx 6800XT only displaying one monitor

Hi All,


Just sold my Sapphire nitro RX 6800xt to a friend, working perfectly, and had no issues. It worked for him initially, but he is using an external usb 3.0 dock which connects both screens to the Motherboard, as well as all his peripherals such as LAN, Keyboard and Mouse.  (He uses this setup because it's easier for him to interface with his secure work laptop).

He now has the issue that only 1 monitor displays, the other remains black.  (Previously this setup worked for him using a 1070ti)
Also running a 750w PSU rather than 850W Recommended

His set up is

CPU ryzen 5 3600
MSI b450 mortar max motherboard
Sapphire nitro + Rx 6800XT SE
Not sure about storage, but he has 4 1TB M2 SSD's connected via a pcie interface
Corsair 32 GB (4X8) DDR4 3200 RAM
Coolermaster 750W Gold psu.

I think the issue is occuring because  having upgraded the GPU, running all those things through the motherboard is leading to the CPU being a massive bottleneck? Anyone else encountered a problem like this before?

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