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Journeyman III

RX 6800XT Massive stutters ingame

I just got my AMD gpu after having the 1080 ti for a long time. I installed the 6800xt and the drivers. Opend several games and the the GPU is making noise and the game is stuttering with high fps. Can someone help?

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Adept I

That sounds concerning, but I suppose that it could be any number of things.

Look up coil whine on YouTube to determine if the sound is like that.

Ensure that the card is installed correctly (it's fully inserted).

Ensure that the fans are moving. They won't move when you're looking at your desktop, but they'll spin up once a game is running. If they're not moving, or they appear to be experiencing difficulty, then you need to get that fixed asap (or RMA the card).

Once those things are done, watch the temp of your card. Is it getting too hot?

is your CPU throttling your GPU? If the CPU is too weak then you may need to run games at a lower resolution. Others here can give you ideas on what is and is not a serviceable CPU for the 6800 XT.

Did you use DDU to remove the old drivers? Even though you've moved from nvidia to AMD, you should still definitely do this, IMO. If you didn't do this to begin with then I'd suggest removing all drivers, use DDU to remove both amd and nvidia display drivers, and then re-installing the AMD drivers.
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Adept II

Very common Problem, all over the Internet from last year and recent weeks.

Have the same issue with an 6900xt.

All I can say is, keep that 1080ti, it was better than this AMD card from a stability standpoint.

However you could try to Limit your FPS and cap it around your Monitors refresh rate. That fixed it for me but it's still not flawless and acceptable for such Product.

Contacted my reseller yesterday, AMD doesn't seem to care. I think of returning for a replacement or just get a 3080 instead ,  too afraid that the replacement will just cause another 2 week of Frustration period.

And maybe you can see my topic on this forum, I tried every troubleshoot a Person can think of.

Hope things will turn out fine for you! If you cant fix it do yourself a favor and Return it, dont be as dumb as me and be annoyed for over a week and trying to find the error on your own end.



i dont think its the gpu that is giving the stutters if you look at gpu usage its fluctuating up and down from maybe 80s down to 0 and back up with hover around 50 to 80% most of the time i just recently reinstalled chipset drivers and then installed ryzen master im on windows 11 so it wouldnt work at first had to delete something in regitry and install chipset now its working i then over clocked my  cpu 5800x to 4.7 @1.4 volts and now my stutters are gone and everything seems to be running mint for now  temps ar 68 to 70C max .. i also downgraded my bios on my mother board like 4 revs back .. wish i had a decent intel cpu to try it on to see if its something with amd cpu and this card  my gpu is the asus 6900xt tuf