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Journeyman III

RX 6800 XT black screens while playing Avatar Frontier of Pandora

I recently encountered a problem that after playing avatar frontier of pandora for about 10 minutes, the monitor screen goes black with buzzing noise from the headset.

Recently, sometimes it happens in other games, but it happens less often.

The system completes all furmark and 3D mark tests without any problems.

The system components include XFX merc RX 6800 XT, i3 13100F, MSI pro b660 board with the latest BIOS version, 32GB vengeance 3600mhz cl18 and cooler master G700w Gold power supply. I did everything I could think of, turning off xmp, using only one of my ram sticks, downgrading to an older bios, installing older 22.12 graphics driver and...

Can anyone help?

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