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Adept II

RX 6800 series partner launce overpriced?

Today was another fail launch of amd rx 6800 series. Sold out in seconds and totally overpriced 200-250€ over msrp.

What do you think? where the partner cards that much more expensive or is the price just higher now with low supply high demand?

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Journeyman III

In Germany its so Bad that strixx 6800 xt ist 1128 Eur or 470 Eur over ref Design.

This is a really bad move from AMD to not having supply and ripping customers off.

I never thought to Buy Nvidia again.

Im very Close Here.

Right now NVIDA Cards are getting more and more supply and the prices slowly go down, but they also launched 1,5 months before amds cards.

I guess the same will happen for AMD but it will take 2-3 months. So maybe in February we can get some normal prices?

On newegg the cheapest 6800 is priced at $110 over MSRP with many at $200 over. This outrageous. It is a shame that many will still pay this. The whole market should refuse to pay these prices. With Ampere you really can say that the cost of the chip making is much higher. On the AMD side their fab cost is cheaper and the rape in these prices is just not justified and just not what we have all liked about AMD over the years. AMD needs to do something about their AIB partners and they most certainly can if they want to. I really hope if this pricing continues they do make reference cards for a lot longer than another 90 days as it will be the only way to get a card at a normal overpriced price. LOL

I wanted to add to this as I know someone will say that AMD and its partners can't control the retailers. 

I say this is absolutely not true. AMD can refuse to ship to AIB partners that don't agree to mitigate their dealings with retailers they deal with. 

AIB partners can refuse to supply stock to companies that don't do like Micro Center for instance does and guarantee not to sell above MSRP. 

These practices exist because the sellers and the buyers allow it. 

The prices of boardpartners on the rx 6800xt and especially the rx 6800 are crazy! 

Don't buy them!

I guess because the quantity is so low the sellers put ridicules price tags on them.

Here a good Video vrom Lets Get Techy

Even the reference 6800 cards are 14% over MSRP + VAT and the 6800XT is 16% over.

Not falling for this BS!

AMD used to be the budget heros now they're scalping just like Nvidia

So for now I'll stick with my Vega 64 and 2700X build till AMD take steps to ensure this BS doesn't happen again...

Hell might even give up gaming for good cause no WAY am I paying £73 - 97 MORE for a reference card!

GG AMD you've just lost a customer for CPU's and GPU's through sheer greed!

its BS. Thanks for your 2 cents. (thumbs up) 


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Adept I

In the netherlands, they had reference cards at 1050 a couple of days back; with the new launch, the patern repeats itself:

liquid cooled 6800xt from asus is about 1000 euros. tuf xt is 900. gigabyte xt 850/900. asrock 930/950. I haven't seen a single Sapphire/Powercolor/XFX anywhere in the shops that AMD lists on their "where to buy" section. If I can get my hands on a reference from, that's what I'm doing. As for the small shops and distributors, I hope amazon bankrupts them all, they deserve it.


This really is just a basic example of supply and demand.  Demand is so far above supply that the asking price can be increased without reducing sales.

In principle, AMD could place a ceiling on the asking price of partner cards, but not without damaging their relationship with said partners.

It's still not nearly as bad as it was several years ago with the mining craze, so at least be glad for that.


Any way i can delete this BS correct answer ?

Obviously an nvidibot reply, who didn't bother checking comparable pricing ?

Lets see,  2 AIB makers made it at expected (after customs import tax  in my country) price. the hugely higher price was from the dual AIB partners (you know the ones that need to find a profit to subliment Nv restraints).

Perhaps it is different depending on country, but dual Aib companies are raping prices beyond belief.

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