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Journeyman III

RX 6800 flickering textures/shadows

Hello everyone,

PC specs:

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
  • RAM: 32GB locked on 2133 MHz
  • PSU: EVGA 850
  • GPU: Sapphire RX 6800 XT NITRO
  • Monitor: Duel DELL S2719DGF - Freesync
  • Input: DP -UGREEN
  • Refresh rate: 144 Hz
  • OS: Windows 10 Pro


I bought this new prebuilt PC almost a month ago, was so excited to play Red Dead 2 at max settings but unfortunately since the intro of the the game I was getting some weird glitches/flickering.

I was busy back then so I didn't look for a real fix. fast-forward this week I played Hitman 2 and I'm getting similar flickering on interactive objects. I also tried The Outer Worlds and the same flickering in RDR2 shows up. Really frustrating issue..

Other games are running fine although sometimes I notice objects suddenly popping into place, maybe draw distance?

Here is a video to clarify the problem:

Fixes I tried: 

  • Installed latest windows updates
  • installed latest AMD Radeon drivers - 21.5.1
  • Updated the BIOS (Stable release)
  • Formatted & reinstalled windows 10
  • Used DDU for a new installation
  • 1080p 60 Hz Monitor
  • Freesync On/Off
  • Different Resolution
  • Different graphics setting
  • Different AMD graphics profiles ( Slandered/Gaming)
  • Tried using 1 monitor only

Not sure if it a faulty card or a driver issue.

Would really appreciate your support in solving this.



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Adept III

I have RX 6800 XT and latest AMD drivers installed and have similar issue but with shadows flickering in Splitgate game.

Volunteer Moderator

I have a 6800 XT some of my shadows were flashing and I had to turn off freesync to play some games without the flashing.

In Splitgate on Oasis and a few other maps the floor where the sand is flashes black artifacts. I tried drivers

  • 21.8.2
  • 21.9.1
  • 21.9.2
  • 21.10.1
  • 21.10.2
  • 21.11.1

Its present in all of the listed driver versions. 

Ryzen 7 7700X, MSI MAG X670E Tomahawk Wifi, Corsair DOMINATOR® TITANIUM RGB 2x16GB DDR5 DRAM 6000MT/s CL30, AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT, Corsair HX Series™ HX1000, Corsair MP600 PRO NH 4TB

i have the 6800m in my asus laptop...i get flickering all the the time only in:


no matter what i change in the settings...flickers all the time..really ruins the game so i can completely identify. 

hope there is a solution soon.  

Journeyman III

Ich füge mich dem an Schader Probleme in Forza Horizon 5 rx6800oc