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Adept I

RX 6700xt horrible Game performance

I've recently built my first pc and most games such as Apex Legends and Elden Ring have terrible game quality and performance when at high settings. I have run other games such as Fortnite and have reached 500+ fps on low settings and a average 144 on high settings. I have also played modded Minecraft with 250+ mods and shaders and had a average 60 fps. Not sure if this makes a difference but I have major frame drops when streaming on Streamlabs and have switched to OBS studio. A majority of my parts are brand new from microcenter except for my hard drive which is from my old computer and is pretty dated. I have a m.2 installed for faster boot and additional storage though. My specs are:

CPU  - Ryzen 7 7700x

GPU - RX 6700 xt

32 gb ram

750 watt psu (deep cool, gold rating)

Mobo - PRO B650-P Wifi

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Adept I

is your GPU driver up to date? Are you running anything in the background? Is your monitor(s) plugged into your gpu? Just some general questions to get some of the common issues out of the way. If none of these are causing the issue open radeon software while in game and see if you're maxing out the dedicated gpu.


Yes my drivers are up to date and I even did a DDU and reinstalled them, nothing in the background unless the ocational OBS, My gpu always shows no signal when I plug it in there so it is plugged into the mobo.


I dont know if you fixed it or not but from what you just said it sounds like your issue is output. I'm not completely sure about how to fix it but looking online it seems some solutions are checking power connectors to the gpu to ensure everything is properly seated, ensure your gpu itself is seated. If you aren't getting video through the gpu it means you're likely getting it from the cpu's integrated graphics which would cause your low framerate since the gpu isn't being used at all.


Is your motherboard's BIOS up to date?

What speed is your RAM running at?

Are you running separate power cables from your power supply to each power input on your GPU?

What cooler are you running on your CPU?

Clean install of Windows with this hardware?

You could try running AMD's Cleanup Utility tool .. and the (re)install the latest GPU drivers from

Do you have the latest AM5 chipset drivers installed from website?

ThreeDee PC specs

as of a week ago bios should be up to date, my RAM speed is at 600MHz acording to task manager, not totally sure about the psu question, not entirely sure the name of cooler but the brand is "Cougar" and its the only part I got from a local tech shop, Yes I have used a DDU software and reinstalled the drivers, I have the latest chipset drivers.