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Adept I

RX 6700xt Display driver amdwddmg stopped responding and has recovered

Sorry for my bad English. I’m not a native speaker


Hello guys. Few weeks ago i buy RX6700xt Red Devil. All was good, but...few days ago when i watch videos monitor turned off. Only black screen, but i hear videos, windows working. Monitor reported: "No signal", but PC working. 

I'm restarted PC, and PC loaded with 800x600 resolution. I check "Device Manager", GPU be turn off. I press "Turn On" - resolution be restored. I check "Event Viewer" in WIN10. And find notification "Source - Display, code - 4101, description "Display driver amdwddmg stopped responding and has recovered".

IMPORTANT: 0 problems when i play. RDR2 Ultra - ok, Control ultra - ok. Work in win, or watching video (, - not ok.

How reconstruct that bug idk. It's rly random. When i played in games - 0 problems. When PC 48 hourse playing youtube video - 0 problems. This error appears (i think) when i watching streaming video, but no sure. Streaming video the only clue.

What i've done:

1. Unistal old driver (RX-570) with DDU

2. Instal new driver (RX 6700 XT)

3. Replace cable

4. Use HDMI, use DP

5. Turn-off AMD Anti-lag and others drivers features.

6. Disconnect 2nd monitor

7. Instal older driver (i think it's got better, but not sure)

PSU: Chieftec GPS-750 Gold.


thanks in advance

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Adept I

Workdaroud is


-> edge://flags/#disable-accelerated-video-decode
-> Disabled

-> chrome://flags/#disable-accelerated-video-decode
-> Disabled

-> about:config
-> Click 'Accept the Risk and Continue' to go to the about:config page
-> Search for 'hardware' by preferences name
-> 'media.hardware-video-decoding.enabled'
-> false
-> 'media.hardware-video-decoding.force-enabled'
-> false

Have you tried it?


Tried. did not help. But Discord use "Hardware-accelerated" too. I will try this option for Discord


"But Discord use "Hardware-accelerated" too. I will try this option for Discord"

did not help



Have you tried a different Power Supply?

Are you at least running separate cables to each power input on your 6700xt?

I had issues with my wife's little RX 550 2GB GPU that were similar in nature .. I swapped out her Thermaltake RGB 500wt 80 Plus (White rated) PSU with a Segotep (Big in China) 600w 80+ Gold .. Segotep, like Chieftec are not known for good PSU's .. but it was better than the "White" rated power supply she had and it was enough to supply enough consistent power to her B550m Phantom Gaming 4, 5600x, 2x8GB 3466 setup ..where her Thermaltake wasn't cutt'n it.

I run the 6700xt in my rig and have a Seasonic Focus 850wtt 80+ Platinum keeping it fed with separate power cables to each power input ... it's a great 1440p card

ThreeDee PC specs

different psu tried - did not help. 

"Are you at least running separate cables to each power input on your 6700xt?" - Of course. PSU - modular, im use 2 different connectors & cables.

Adept I

P.S. - I tried delete Adrenaline app, and use only drivers - doesnt work.

Adept II

This seems to happen with all kinds of AMD 6000 series GPUs, no workaround from what I've seen, they have to fix the driver.

Just took my PC (Also new like yours with RX 6750 XT) to the store I bought it from, hope I get the chance to switch from AMD. Had high hopes for this GPU.

Adept I

I have the same card. It`s driver problem and you can`t solve that on your own. Just get used to it or change to nvidia. I`m not getting that much black screens, few times on YT and GOM player. But that thing when driver stops working and you get low res and disabled device, that usually happens when some other instability is present. I had bad OC on my CPU and every single test i tried gave me 100% stable result. But... Every game i run at unlocked fps game crashes to desktop, mostly with no errors, just crash. Sometimes i got that disabled device situation. I didn`t think card was faulty, but spent many days troubleshooting and finally found my CPU oc was the problem even though as i said everything else worked perfectly fine. 

Now my system runs flawlessly 99.9% of the time. Games run butter smooth, no more crashes. But again here and there black screen when watching videos local or online. I just switch from hdmi1 to hdmi2 and back on my tv and picture is back. No turning off tv or pc needed.

I`m testing every new driver but some issues keep remaining and i think they are just not interested in solving them. Simply don`t care

Unfortunately my PC does not have OC. All stock

Adept III

Nor i have such issue with video streams neither heard everybody else RX 6000 owner has anything of such.
Though, many people report about a lot of very different problems, especially related to the latest driver versions...

For example, a lot of games out there stop working properly after driver update to the latest non-WHQL versions. Games work with various /glitches/, producing lags, artifacts and else abnormal effects...
For some users, after driver update, video memory begin to work in half or full speed, while previously (in the same conditions) it worked in idle mode.
In my case, upgrade to RX 6000 GPU caused huge input lags in a desktop mode, and i see a lot of such reports out there, including for RX 5000 GPU's, but no exact solution so far.