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Journeyman III

RX 6700 XT buzzing noise when radeon in-game overlay opened

While i play any game in fullscreen mode if i enable Radeon in-game overlay or metrics overlay to see temps or use Radeon options. my RX 6700 XT starts to make a weird noise that not sounds like normal coil whine. The sensors are normally always active so i don't know why showing the sensors information or just opening the radon software makes the GPU produce noise. (If i close Radeon overlay or disable the metrics overlay the GPU don't make any noise). Can it be an hardware fault or maybe drivers? i'm reallly worried about it.

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Test if it comes from speakers. Then you just have a poorly shielded sound card on your motherboard. If you can plug speakers to monitor or output sound in digital format (SPDIF/USB) so D/A conversion happens outside PC case, you get rid of it.

But that is nothing to worry about. When I had a cheap motherboard, I could hear a sound every time I moved mouse over deskto and whenever something was read or written to disk.


Even if it comes from hardware itself, it is not dangerous, just annoying.

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I did notice buzzing sound when I open radeon software before and on high gpu usage but I dont even hear it now because my case fans and cpu cooler spin on max rpm and pc work good 8 months.


so it's not only happening to me. My old RX 570 never did this kind of sound even at max usage that's why i was worrried about this noise on my new GPU

Journeyman III

its happen to me too, i am use rx 6600 from msi mech, and when i want to show the overlay in any games, the gpu starts to coil whine until i close the overlay and i don't hear the coil whine again. my driver now 22.5.1