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Journeyman III

RX 6600, many little issues that are stacking up to being very annoying.

Recently bought an RX 6600 as an upgrade from a 1060 3gb and ive had so many little issues with it that i am starting to regret my purchase.

a lot of these issues could be said to not be from the gpu, but ive never had these issues with my old 1060 3gb.

Here are my specs:
ryzen 5 5500, some random cheap 24GB ram (a 16GB stick and an 8Gb stick) that is somehow doing 2400 MHz despite being labeled as 2133, An MSI A520M-A pro motherboard, A Crucial P2 500Gb NVM SSD, A fresh install of windows 10 that has never seen another graphics card and an Asus RX 6600.

cpu and motherboard dont support pcie 4 and the gpu has only 8 pcie lanes, but does do either pcie 3 or 4, ive no idea if this affects performance, ive seen some swear that it doesnt while also seeing benchmarks that says it does.

First off the gpu seems to not be working at 100% or even near it in opengl (and some others it seems) in completely random games causing me to have only slightly better performance than the 1060 3gb on the same settings in the same games.

Ok i had done a bunch of testing to show various games not utilizing the gpu properly but after launching them mutliple times the only one still doing this that ive tested is Beamng drive, so here is the bit i wrote for it:

In BeamNG drive im getting around 35 to 50 fps on the no matter the settings unless i disable reflections and sits at 65 to 75% usage whereas my 1060 3gb could do the same on higher settings. (in directx 11 according to msi afterburners osd, i thought it used opengl)

in non game related issues brave (a browser based on chromium) started using all of the gpu in short spikes occasionally causing other programs (like discord) to stutter or causing some functions stop working until restart.

I have had a similar issue where any page in the steam store specifically and any page in it (not its subsections like wishlist etc.) starts using up the entire gpu in the "steam client webhelper" process and causes everything to crawl to a halt.

Sometimes i can also see stuttering that isnt being reported by msi afterburner or any other tool i use, i dont know if im imagining it, but some of the times it is very obvious.

There has been quite a lot of screen tearing and i have an AMD freesync compatible display, VRR doesnt seem to do anything and sometimes makes it worse

I heard that forcing the minimum clock speed up to 100MHz under the maximum clock speed limit can solve the issue where the gpu isnt fully utilized and while i did see some improvement it also seemed to cause a bit of instability and said improvement seemed to disappear after a while.

As i said already this is a fresh install of windows, ive tried the driver only install, ive tried minimal install and ive tried full install.
Ive tried the recommended drivers, ive tried the most recent drivers, nothing is Changing anything for the better or for worse.
Ive no idea if this is even a driver issue, if anyone has had these issues before some guidance on how you got around them would be nice, if this seems like a faulty card i would greatly appreciate a response somewhat soon.

I am just about done with trying to upgrade my stuff, i recently tried to buy a new phone and received a completely different phone with very few of the features i wanted because they ran out of stock and because the new phone had "5G" and was "more expensive".

ive also been informed that im being kicked out of the house ive been living in for the last 4 years and that i will be having a lot of people going through it for an auction

so yeah im a little frustrated.

Thanks for any help anyone is able to give me.

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Journeyman III

I have fixed a few of these issues by either disabling hardware acceleration where possible or using a different program.

beamng is still getting 40-60 fps on the absolute lowest graphics settings and is still not using the entire gpu, while my 1060 3gb could play it at at least 40 on high.

the screen tearing seems to have disappeared, i do not know how.



Adept I

I am also mostly having these problems too, i have tried forcing my minimum clock to be 100 less then my max but it still doesnt fix. Im mostly having these problems on Fortnite and recently the MW2 beta. Idk what to do iv been searching forums forever and i cant come to a solution

Not applicable

First I hope you are doing better. I will share few of my problems and I will mention tearing.

Since I put all pc parts together and turn on my pc 8 months did pass I did even add more parts in hope to fix problems. I did expect with new pc all to be perfect but its not. I did have problem with Witcher 3 even with high fps it wasnt smooth and I did fix it with limiting fps with riva tuner but after that I did notice tearing even with free sync on. In order to remove tearing I did start to lover fps limit -1 until tearing would stop but even after that its not perfect but at least I can enjoy Witcher 3.

Horizon zero dawn I didnt play for half year or more  because game would crash and radeon software would report driver timeout I hope they did fix it already.

Warzone after 8 months  I still have problems and I was excited about that game to finally play it and I didnt play it much.

Lost ark did come out and game was very popular I did try it but I did quit because of stuttering and I think I will not play it again.

Age of Mythology very old game but on hdd game have stuttering so I did move it on ssd and that did fix problem. New game like Cyberpunk work on hdd without problems.

Elden ring did have problems game developers didnt polish it. I still didnt open it since release.

And my biggest problem---windows is messing with gpu driver so after 10-20 days games will start to crash and I must reinstall gpu driver to fix it but problem will come back. That did cost me in dota 2...

2700x---6700xt---32gb ram


Journeyman III

I bought my ASUS RX 6600 a few days ago and I'm experiencing the same issues.  Low GPU usage without using a FPS limiter. Games like Fortnite and COD Warzone 2.0 are heavily affected by this problem, while other game titles take full advantage of the available performance. Otherwise, when the games are played in 4k resolution, the "performance brake" suddenly stops. As said, this varies by game. mrguesswho2778 is facing the exact same problem as I am right now and I'm looking for a solution for this, since I've been expecting quiet much for the price I've paid.  
The  Photo I took, represents my issue while playing games.Bild_2022-12-27_214509796.png

My CPU ( I5 10400F) is nearly blowing up which wasn't happening before at all.

I'm looking forward to receive some answers about how to fix this or if this is even possible to fix.