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Journeyman III

RX 6600 - 60 fps youtube videos make page stuttering

I have a really strange issue.

When some 60 fps Youtube video is playing (not on fullscreen) and I start scrolling the page down, the page starts stutter a lot. I tried using an fps meter (Firefox extension), and I noticed that during scrolling the page runs precisely at half of the screen refresh rate. For example, if I set my monitor to 60Hz, then when I scroll it runs at 30 fps. If I set my monitor to 75 Hz, when I scroll the page runs at 37 fps.

And there's more. I wanted to send some videos to AMD through the Adrenalin bug reporting tool, so I started to record my screen with AMD Adrenalin software. And suddently, the problem disappeared... This way I discovered that if I'm recording my screen with Adrenalin software (even if I enable instant replay, instant gif or in-game replay) the problem disappears. But I can't simply leave instant replay on, because it makes the GPU consume a lot of power (30W).

But if I record the screen with another software, for example OBS, the problem persists. So there's something wrong with Adrenalin software or AMD drivers (I'm on the latest ones, 23.2.1).

What the hell is going on? Where's the problem?

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