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Journeyman III

rx 5700xt (nitro+ sapphire) crashes on LOL

Hello dear comrades, 


As i have just built a new pc i ma curently experiencing many problems with my RX 5700XT. Often i get a black screen that forces me to hard reboot my pc and crahes especially on league of legends i have tried to uninstall my drivers twice with DDu but the problem is still on. it works after a hard reboiot but it is quite uncomfotrable to reboot every time

Help it is quite a problem


proc : R5 3600 

MB : Asus X570 P prime
PSU : seasonic 750 plat 

storage 1 m2 nvme crucial P1 1to

1 hdd Seagate 2To

OS : Windows 10 pro

Driver 19.9.3

Thanks for your help and sorry for the english

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