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Journeyman III

RX 5700XT Nitro + Crashes

So all m life i bought amd graphic cards and i was always pretty happy with it but this time i have had enough.

I bought a RX 5700 XT that always freezed then i Bought a RX 5700 XT Nitro + that also freeze.

The only way for it to be "stable" is for me to use the driver 19.7.5 from july 31. Every driver after this one gives me random crashes even when i am on the desktop with nothing launched.

Here is my config:

I9 9900KF

Asus Maximus Hero XI

32 GB DDR4 3200MhZ Corsair Vengeance

PSU Corsair Gold 750 Watts

2x NVME Samsung


2X SSD Crucial MX 500

2X LG 24UD58B Monitor (4k)

I need everything to work because i mainly use it for work but honestly ive lost hope.

If someone has any idea i would be most grateful.

Anyway Thanks for reading me.

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Download Furmark and HWiNFO. Do 800x600 test without AA for Furmark. While the Furmark test is running, start HWiNFO software and measure GPU 12V with this software. GPU 12V should not fall below 12. While monitoring GPU 12V, start Furmark CPU Burner without stopping 800x600 test, and check GPU 12V drop. If there is no hardware failure, the GPU 12V should not fall below 12 under all circumstances. And you should be doing all these tests in half an hour with stability. If your processor has OC, return to the factory settings before all tests. If GPU 12V falls below 12, it can cause the GPU to fail under extreme conditions. If everything is as it should be with these tests, you should use your consumer rights. Good luck...

Journeyman III

That works fine for me everything is normal.

I found a way to update the driver tho but it is not the best way.

So i uninstalled the driver completely then i just installed the new driver through the control panel and only that (so no amd Radeon software) and then i have no crash.

I suspect amd did something wrong with this on Intel Chipsets as the problem doesn't appear on AMD CPUs but i dont want one lol


Do not change a driver setting using AMD Radeon Settings software. Do not even use this program so uninstall it. Sometimes it's a problem. Use only latest display driver. The GPU is probably problematic if you get errors despite the system passing the tests I mentioned. Do not look for the error in the driver if so. Good luck...

Journeyman III

No bug or freeze or crash at all if the only thing installed is the driver and not the software. Strangely tho it workd fine with the software installed on a ryzen 1500x.


Your 9000 series processor is very powerful and can drop with 12V. You have checked that the GPU is OK, but this is not the case for the PSU. Check the cooler and stabilization of your processor. A new PSU (like a 850W) or better cooler may be required.