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Adept I

rx 5700xt crashing constantly

I bought the AMD rx 5700xt graphics card and since day one I cannot play any game. I always get black screen after a while and PC reboots. It seems it is happening more the more I am logged on a PC. Now I know it is in a release notes, but I want to know if it's worth to wait for some fix, if it ever happens, or just return this card and get a new one, or even different card. Whats the points of having this card if only thing I can do is desktop work.

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Adept I

No need in adding specs if I know the card is faulty. Tried different card (not 5700xt) and works fine.


The problem you are experiencing usually occurs when PSU is insufficient.


My PSU is corsair 750W. Doubt that.


If your PSU is old, it cannot provide what is required. Is very clear... If not, use your consumer rights with GPU. In tests, 5700 XT consumes more energy than most GPUs do. 650W PSUs and below generally cause problems with 5700 XT.

When testing the GPU with Furmark (800x600 without AA), measure GPU 12V with HWINFO64Use your consumer rights if the value (GPU 12V) does not fall below 12.

Adept I

I have the same Problems as you thenofail.

My Sytem:

  • Graphic Card: ASUS AMD TUF 3-RX5700XT O8G-Gaming
  • Desktop
  • Operating System
    • Windows 10 64bit
  • Driver version installed
    • Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.9.2 Recommended (WHQL) //Tested (19.12.1)
  • Display Devices 2
  • Motherboard + Bios Revision
    • Asus X570 ROG Crosshair VIII Hero + BIOS 1105
  • CPU
    • AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
  • Power Supply Unit 
  • RAM
    • Corsair; DDR4 32Gb

I always get black screen after a while and greenscreen with PC reboots if i play any game.

You should use the system with a single monitor. Also, if the PSU is old, it may fail. The PSU with 12 PIN CPU power cable will be ideal for your system. PCI Gen3 should be tested. And BIOS updates should be done.

Edit: You should use the system with a single monitor without a display switcher-connecter.


Yeah, so he shouldn't use 2 displays because AMD can't make stable graphics cards? What a joke

I tested all you said. The problem ist the same.  My PSU is new and if i play it is not fully occupied (50 %).

If i use the old AMD Radeon R9 290 i have no problems. I can use two monitors and can play. Tell me what can i do.

That is simple. Try a different graphics card and do what necessary. Use consumer rights if necessary. Goog luck...


Yes i try the AMD Radeon R9 290 and that without problems.

Ich used the another graphic card. There were no problems.

Yeah. You wrote it before. If you don't have problems with a graphics card that consumes very high watts like R9 290, the problem is obvious. ASUS AMD TUF 3-RX5700XT O8G-Gaming...


Your GPU has no video memory cooling. 

Adept I


Please try unsinstall adrenalin and install only driver without adrenalin.

It worked for me, 

Please give me a feedback did it help.

Adept II

Hey, I'm also the one with black screen issue. I didn't play much the recent weeks, it was crashing more often when HDR in Windows was disabled. I'm not sure how it's related but I'm seeing black screen often when launching Skype and enter Skype settings.

I'll try a suggestion without Adranalin, let's see how it will go!

I was running "Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.12.1 Optional" at the moment

Adept I

My PC also started to restart itself with the latest driver version. According to event viewer the video driver freezes and can't restart. Also a lot of flickering when starting/exiting games and sometimes the screen remains black while the PC continues to actually run.  Do yourself a favor and return the amd gpu and go for nvidia, never had this sort of errors with any nvidia card. Radeon group software engineers are a joke, they can't figure out how to implement working drivers for a very very long time now. The last driver fixed the constant stuttering in COD:WWII, but introduced the restarting PC problem. The 5700 XT is already released for like half a year and it is still unusable for playing games.

This is my first and last amd gpu, I will 20% more for a stable product with the same specs, I did a mistake this time. They won't ever fix the drivers, or if they do fix some of the problems, they will always introduce new problems. Not worth your time and money, better return it while you can, go for nvidia and enjoy your games.


I've been using AMD for years. My first computer was P4. Then always AMD. But not now. But it's not because of stabilization. AMD sells products with OC and makes users mad. Never sell the GPU. Reduce speed and use it. Find the speed and the voltage it is making crash and correct it with WattMan.

Adept II

I am also having isses with my 5700XT AE and although I have been an ATI/AMD fan for decades and stuck with them though a lot of crap this I think is my last AMD GPU. I am really good with computers and have done everyuthing correctly and still this thing is a POS. Sadly my 30 day warranty is past so I guess I need to sell it on ebay. only problem is I dont have money for another GPU.

Adept I

Yeah i am  also bored of having trouble with the gpu. I'm returning GPU tomorrow, and buying 2060s or 2070s, never had this kind a problems on my old gtx 1060. I gived a try for AMD, but no, sorry.

I have always had ATI/AMD products and the only NVidia card I ever had was a 980TI Hybrid and I never had a single issue with it. I sold it to get this 5700XT and that was a huge mistake.

Adept I

I mainly play Battlefield 4 and was getting random system shutoffs or game freezes.  I ended up switching the vBIOS to Silent mode on the GPU.  Seems that the OC mode is a complete travesty when it comes to stability on my system when playing Battlefield 4.  I am not sure what happens to the card in OC mode that it doesn't behave well but for now Silent mode seems more stable. 

Journeyman III

I'm having a similar problem. It was black screen crashing when stock and using a 3D mark. Then I fully committed and have watercooled it,  so me no returney. In for a penny, in for a pound. Updated drivers and now it stutters frequently then crashes occasionally. I've tried undervolting and it seems to get a bit better, but still crashes. Just at the beginning of the troubleshooting though, so wish me luck. Any first steps, would be appreciated.

CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x

MB: B450 MSI Gaming Pro Carbon

SSD: Samsung 970 500GB NVME (Primocached 256GBish)

HDD: Seagate Constellation 3TB

Mem: Corsair Vengence Pro 3600MHz 16TB

PSU: EVGA Supernova P2 650W

Cooling: Thermaltake Pacific 360 for CPU and with an EK Radeon Vector for GPU and an extra 92mm fan for the VRMs

Case: Thermaltake Core P3

Displays: Samsung UWide 1440p 60Hz on Display Port, Sony 1080p TV on HDMI to Display Port adapter and Pi 7" Screen on HDMI

I think troubleshot with one screen, can't remember.

Journeyman III

BLUF - PSU to GPU must be two PCI-E cables with each cable connected to the GPU PCI-E connections; cannot be a singular PCI-E cable that pig tails to two PCI-E connections.

I was having the same issue with my Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 5700 XT.  I found that the issue was my PSU.  My PSU is a Thermaltake Smart 700W and the issue was that it had one PCI-E cable (lane) from the PSU that pig tailed into two PCI-E connections that I plugged into the GPU.  This caused the GPU to pull more power than that single cable (lane) could handle.  I tried a friend's PSU that had two PCI-E cables (lanes) coming from the PSU and I plugged them into the two PCI-E connections on the GPU and it worked flawlessly.  I am curious if others having the same issue has a single PCI-E cable that pig tails to two connections at the GPU.

ya the card has 2 plugs for a reason. It sucks that some PSU's don't have multiple GPU outputs however, if you have a card like this you should have a full modular PSU of at least 850 Watts.


That's absolute BS indy650. You do not need 850 Watts for a single card. You can still have a high wattage PSU which is absolute crap. 550 Watts is even enough (which other people are successfully running with this card).

Also for those who've tried everything and are wondering if 2 vga/pcie leads will fix it, I would suggest trying to refund before spending more money. I've tried 4 PSU's 3 which are high quality ones and two which had 2 pcie power leads and nothing has fixed it. I believe some of these cards ram chips must be lemons or super fussy with other hardware. I dropped $200 nzd on a new PSU (EVGA G3 650W) just to do a final test, and nada.

I've tried EVERY single suggest "fix" online and still get crashes. It's been over a week of constant trouble shooting. I'm over it. Last AMD card I'll ever have which is a shame as I wanted to support them as I bought the R5 cpu and have jumped between their cards and NVIDIA since the 800xt.

My system runs perfectly with my old 1060 6gb.

Why are you so hostile towards me? Can you run this card with a 550W PSU? Ya probably but you do know the closer to it's limit a PSU is the quicker they fail right? It is recommended that you only draw half of your PSU rating which for a 550 is 275. With a high end CPU, a few hard drives, a gaming motherboard, fans, most likely a liquid CPU cooler, and this card you would be lucky not to max out a 550W PSU and if it's a cheap one it will be cooked in no time. I guess a 650 would suffice but having a 850W PSU is going to substantially lessen the chance your'e gonna have issues with it a yr or 2 down the road. 

As for your problems try wiping all your drivers with DDU and get a fresh install of Radeon software with the newest driver which currently is 20.4.1. Make sure to erase your current drivers before installing and the best way is to have the new software downloaded and install it in windows safe mode or at least with the internet turned off. I have had excellent luck with the newest driver I haven't had any problems at all. Still, AMD really screwed us and should never have released these cards with such problems. Good luck to you.


I have the same exact problem, I went for an amd build with a ryzen 3600x cpu a rx 5700 xt gpu and a 650w bronze plus psu. Did this really solve the constant crashes or should I really return it for a 2070? 

since the latest update i havent had any issues at all. just make sure you uninstall radeon software, use DDU driver uninstaller and then re-install radeon software.