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Journeyman III

RX 5700 XT still crashing with 19.7.2

As many other people here, I still get crashes with RX 5700 XT on the newest version (19.7.2). It's better than 19.7.1 where I couldn't start even CS:GO but it still has very severe issues.

For example, if I start Apex Legends, only after 1-4 seconds in the main menu, it crashes the entire system and causes reboot. The same occurs if I try to go to the options menu in Rainbow Six Siege. Also UserBenchmarks have stopped working for me, even though I could run them immediately after install. Now either its 1st or 3rd GPU test causes a system reboot.

I've tried to completely uninstall the driver with DDU, revert to 19.7.1, uninstall it, install 19.7.2 again, reinstall Windows, switch to PCIe3, set undervoltage, disable FreeSync and GPU scaling. When I remove RX 5700 XT and install my old GPU (GTX 960) everything works.

I hope this issue gets resolved as soon as possible because I have to fall back to my old GPU for now unless I want to crash my system every now and then.

My specifications: MSI Radeon RX 5700 XT / MSI x570 Gaming Plus / 2x Corsair 8 Gb 3600 MHz / Corsair CX600 PSU

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Thank you for your response! I did try to reinstall the driver with DDU, unfortunately to no avail.

However, since apparently different sources list different recommended PSU outputs, I've tried to find out whether my PSU could be the issue. I've bought a 650W PSU instead of my old 600W and the system does not crash anymore. I still got black screen a couple of times in one game (Apex Legends, one time the screen went entirely black but the system still ran, and another time both my displays flickered black during a game but returned to the normal state soon afterwards) but everything else works now.

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Ou, that is a nice piece of hardware, thumbs up, i am sorry that you have problems with it, but probably they must be working on something, cause with the version 19.9.1 the fan speed reported by the Afterburner was 0, with the latest one its already 100, although there is not fan connected to it.

I have Z270 board but never experienced BSODs, try to reinstall the Intel chipset driver and disable the fast boot option. Start the chipset exe from CMD with -overall argument, this should do a full reinstall.


I have come to the conclusion that this have to still be driver issues, even SMALL clock on the Hz´s and the problems start. I can how ever clock the V and get some better factory boosts without getting any errors or BSOD, but then the temps rank up and its get rather loud. Im changing thermal paste this evening and see if that have any effect. 

Journeyman III

Hey guys,


Been a while and kinda forgot to post my findings.

Here's a interesting bit of information: even though a PSU may be rated 600W it does not necessarily put out 600W on the rail needed for most PC components (mine was rated 630W and only gave 588W on the 12V rail which is the most important) so check whether that may be the issue if you're experiencing total system crashes followed by automatic reboot.

If that is the case try undervolting as a small undervolt should increase system stability.

Next thing is the cooler, put an accelero xtreme IV on my reference card and it's almost inaudible now, you should be able to get it from amazon for ~50€.


Really? You also go to "get another cooler" thing? If you buy a GPU, it should be working without any modifications, IF it doesent say "YOU NEED TO CHANGE OUT OUR COOLER THAT WE INSTALLED". That is really how simple it is.

This IS driver problems and something AMD need to solve asap. 

Ofc, you need a PSU that can handle your entire comp, im running a 1kW Corsair PSU, power is not my problem. 

I did notice yesterday that fans are running high and thermals are not as low as i would expect with my Strx Rog card, i will check the paste this evening and see how it looks (my Asus 1060 6Gb didn't really have a good application, lowered temps of it with 8-10 C with new paste).


Sorry if I expressed myself unclear. The cooler didn't fix anything except exorbitant noise and heat levels caused by the blower cooler (whoever put that thing on the reference card needs to be fired) what fixed my issue was the psu replacement as my old psu was underperforming.


Ah ok, could be my bad enlgish aslo, im swe/fin speeking so haha!

Can tell you that i lowered my temp by 5-10C with just changing paste to Noctua paste on my Strix Rog.

Adept I

Tried everything - did not work. Then I decided to take a look at event viewer. There was error on every crash and eventually it was page file! My page file was too small, made it bigger and everything works like charm now!


What problem did you have ?

Adept I

Listen I had severe issues with my 5700xt here is the solution and I have tested it on two separate drives.  You MUST reformat the drive and reinstall windows.  Clean wiping your drive of windows is the only thing that will fix your issues.

Adept I

I found a very easy solution to this, I bought a 2080ti... 

Thats not a resolution, more like giving up. Everyone could do that.

My RX 5700 XT has been working like a charm, since setting up larger page file. Not a single issue.

I know, I just got tired of waiting for drivers, my page file was unlimited on auto so this was not the issue for me. Also, as soon as i took all clocking off, no crashes except some games stopped working, but they stopped locking the entire computer. Never had this kind of issues with Nvidia, though they have problems with their Gforceexperience application login instead... 

Funny thing though, Strix released new drivers to my 5700xt like 2 days after i got it sold for like half price what i payed for it.

Adept I

I am a newb and no enthusiast how exactly does a page file help anything and where/how can I change it?  Btw has anyone gottwn VSR working in game.  It only works for me in deep rock galactic.  So far every game I have tested it just blows up one fourth of the image to take up the entire screen resolution and makes it impossible to do anything.  I want to support amd but all these issues making me want to become a traitor :-(.



Here is a good how to for the page file sizing. It is recommended to set it manually (based on your installed memory) instead of auto. How do you calculate the page file size you need? That question is answered in here as well.

Setting page file size can help with lag and other issues. Automatic page file sizing isn't always as reliable. 

Hope this helps. 

How To - How to Manage Virtual Memory (Pagefile) in Windows 10 | Tom's Hardware Forum 

Haven't tried the VSR yet, atleast not as far as I know.. 


At first I didn't believe Page file would be so crucial. I had Nvidia before and never had any issue, even though my page file was only 200Mb. Now it is set manually to 2048Mb and RX 5700 started working. I got clue on this by checking Windows Event Viewer and noticed everytime games crashed (with RX 5700), there was a line stating my page file was too small. I have 16gigs RAM so couldn't understand why I would need to setup page file, but nevertheless it made all my problems go away. Atleast this is worth a shot.


The page file should be set to Auto, let Windows manage and use as much page file as it requires. Changing from auto can cause system instability.


In my experience setting it manually works better than auto. RX 5700 XT didn't work with auto at all. Games (Forza Horizon 4, Witcher 3, F1 2019 etc.) crashed immediately after loading screens. 2-8GB page file should be sufficient in all scenarios, at least if you have RAM more than 8GB.

Adept I

I may have to give it a shot.  Can someone please tell me how to make a post in the forum.  I do not see the option anywhere.

Adept I

Hey how do i post on the support forums I want to ask if VSR is broken for anyone else.  I can only get it to work in one game and if that is the case I am just gonna return my card. 5790xt.

Adept I

Mistype 5700xt

Journeyman III

Hey, I (still) have the same problem. I basically can´t touch any slider in wattman or msi afterburner without wattman crashing the whole system after a few minutes in games - even setting up a custom fan curve causes crashes. After a few months of trying out all tips online, I´m so over it by now.

The XFX 5700XT has tons of headroom to overclock, what I can´t use due to the crashes and the stock fan profile is what I consider ´´enough´´, but definitly not good. In benchmarks the cards is actually not crashing as far as I tested (Heaven benchmark), while playing for example Destiny 2 makes the driver crash not even a minute after activating a profile in wattman.

It feels even worse now, since in the past it took around 10mins - 20mins till the driver would crash, I could even play the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta a few hours in a row before wattman crashed, than it always crashed immediatly when chosing the profile I used for days or even weeks. Now wattman isn´t crashing anymore when chosing a profile, but just after 1 minute or so in an actual game. Just being online, watching videos n stuff isn´t causing any driver crashes, just actual games.

Journeyman III

Hey! Have same problem with my Sapphire RX 5700 XT PULSE, random black screen, in games, in everything i do basically sometimes. And earlier today, i got tgreen screen, and i also woke up to the fan spinning like crazy while the screen was green, i heard just the soundof an jet engine over at my desk, and restarted my pc and the same thing happend. Before i changed the card, i reinstalled windows to the newest version, and the GPU driver is 19.10.2. I havent payed almost 500$ for a card that doesnt work. Hope the issues are fixed soon, if not im gonna refund it and go back to Nvidia.


I have spent countless HOURS almost every day on the net looking for a fix over the past few weeks. Nothing I have found works. This issue has been going on for 7 months now. I bought my ASUS ROG STRIX RX 5700 XT on 21st of November 2019 and have had nothing but problems. I have the black screen of death that is either crashing games, freezing my PC to the point where a hard reboot is required or green screens and game crashes. My card is also paired with a AZSUS VG248 monitor. At first I thought AMD would get this resolved with a Driver update and stuck with it because hey, new architecture is bound to have problems and these can be addressed with future driver updates. but 7 months!?! Come on, this is beyond a joke now. 

This is this week's actions alone:

- Wiped my M.2 and reinstalled Windows 10 Pro from scratch (all Windows updates incl.) and latest drivers for all hardware (chipset, audio, LAN, etc.)

- Updated mainboard BIOS and RX 5700 XT VBIOS on Q and P modes to the latest available versions

- Verified all my game files on Steam

- Uninstalled and reinstalled Raedon Software & Drivers (latest version and previous versions) using Windows

- Then I tried the above step using DDU in Windows safe mode between uninstalls to completely remove GPU drivers and deleted the C:\AMD folder each time too.

- Installed GPU drivers without Raedon Software

- Tried running my games in bordered window & full screen modes

- Tried running absolutely no unnecessary applications in the background and disabled Windows fullscreen optimizations on my games

- Tried disabling hardware acceleration on any applications that are using it

- Confirmed GPU thermals are within normal limits as per AMD's website

I am done with AMD. I have already asked my vendor for a card swap to Nvidia and will not buy another AMD card ever again even if they one day manage to surpass Nvidia in performance simply because this is ridiculous! Your customer base should NEVER be your beta-testers unless you are able to squash the bugs that crop up in a quick and effective manner. 7 months later and we are still waiting for a fix to a MAJOR issue that prevents us from doing what we bought the card at a premium price to do: GAMING

My setup:

- AMD Ryzen 2600

- 16GB 2333Mhz RAM (8GB X 2)

- MSI B350 Mortar Mainboard

- Thermaltake Smart Pro 750W PSU (500W required, 550W recommended for GPU)

- M.2 and 1TB mechanical HDD

- Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite 120 CPU Cooler

I'm just done. I've moved back to my old MSI RX580 8GB OC until I get my new Nvidia 2060 from my vendor.


do you have it installed in a 4.0x16 pcie slot? i put mine in that slot and all crashing stopped. 

Journeyman III

I found a perfect solution! I returned my lovely rx 5700 xt and bought rtx 2070 super at lower price, 50$ cheaper!

All my issues and problems disappeared! What a magic! I will never ever buy an amd gpu even if it is better and cheaper than a Nvidia one on paper

Journeyman III

its's been 5 months since I bought my pulse rx 5700. black screen random crashing, it happens once or twice every day. i tried almost everything, latest bios, multiple clean installs, latest drivers, latest windows updates. there was no way to return the card now nor i can't even sell this card anywhere without 50% ripoff I'm stuck with this mess for next few years. never going to buy another amd product again. WHY CAN'T YOU FIX THIS ISSUE AMD?

Journeyman III

I stopped using my $3000 computer all together. 

Asus x570 pro

Ryzen 9

32gb corsair ram

2-1tb ssd

Powercolor rx5700xt

Its all liquid cooled. 

800w gold psu

Like someone else said I have done all the troubleshooting steps that I could find nothing fixes it. I can sometimes play league for 10-15 min sometimes it crashes the whole pc as soon as I open the game or it can crash while watching youtube or even opening a web browser. I am pissed at myself for spending 3k on a computer I cant even use. Very dissapointed.