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Adept I

RX 5700 XT crashes and pc reboots

First, i'm sorry for my english. 
So, all was fine till I decide to play Monster Hunter World few days ago. There was an update and I started playing. In game, the pc crashed and rebooted. I thought it was my graphic driver so I updated them but nothing. So I thought it was the MH:W update and decided to go back to League Of Legends. And since this moment, LoL do the same thing. My computer crashes and reboots. Everytime I play. I tried to reinstall my graphic pilot with DDU, I reinstalled windows 3 times...but nothing worked. 
I don't know what to do.
I didn't OC my GPU by myself (maybe stock OCed by AsusI think). I also disable the XMP profile...

Here my setup


Radeon RX 5700 XT - TUF GAMING OC - 8 Go

Ryzen 7 3800X Wraith Prism LED RGB - 3,9/4,5 GHz


HyperX Fury RGB - 2 x 16 Go - DDR4 3200 MHz

Corsair RM750, 80 Plus Gold, 750 Watt

and triple monitor display => AOC - LED 24" C24G1

Currently my graphic driver is 19.9.2 

And windows 10 is my OS

Thank you for your help !

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Journeyman III

I have the same specs and the same problem, i tried everything, even changed the psu and nothing, would be nice a solution and a response by amd for this..  


Hello ! 

I asked for help in an other forum and they  pointed 2 problems : 

- The Radeon RX 5700 XT - TUF GAMING OC - 8 Go is currently the worst graphic card (Asus just release a V2)
- AMD failed their drivers (we all know that)

After testing my GC with furmark, the memory temp was near 104°C and sometimes my consumption, voltage and gpu clock droped. 
I decide to change my GC. I will receive the new one (Sapphire pulse and still rx 5700 xt) today.

Oh ! And currently I dont have crash anymore. My drivers are 19.9.2 and I use Adrenalin 2019. I disabled "HDCP" and "surface format optimization" options. Works in League Of Legends. (The other otpion are disable (like anti lag, chill etc. etc.) Only the free sync is enable.

I'll keep you informed !

Thank you so much for your response ! 

Well time to sell my GC


Hello !

I received my new GC yesterday and it works flawless !!! I tested it during 20 min with FurMark and no temp/clock/power/voltage drops ! I even win 12°C about my memory temp (104°C ==> 92°C) on 100% Load.
I'll keep testing my GC because I only played League Of Legends and today I will try Monster Hunter. 

Depending on your warranty, I suggest you to send back your GC to your seller in order to be fully refunded !

have a nice day

I bought both the sapphire reference 5700xt and the powercolor red devil 5700xt cards. Sames issues that you describe with both. Reinstalled windows numerous times with each and tried different driver versions. AMD/ATI GPU drivers have been horrible for decades unfortunately and until they can get that figured out I will have to pay more for Nvidia. I ended up getting rid of both of those cards and getting an evga RTX 2070 super. No issues now. People will chime in saying well if you enable this, or disable this as a work around for your AMD card maybe it'll work. Why should we as the end user have to put up with that? We did not spend that kind of money in order to spend that time trying to get it to work. Fix it AMD!


Hello !

Thank you for your experience. Did you buy the regular sapphire one ? Or pulse version ? Or Nitro+ version ? 
I have the pulse one and it works. 

I totally agree with you when you said we are not supposed to disable or enable this or that option. 
To be honest, it my first setup with AMD. My old one was based on intel/Nvidia. 

I hope MAD will learn from their mistakes.


Yes the regular sapphire AMD reference card because I was going to watercool. My work computer has the powercolor red dragon rx 590 and I have had issues with it as well. Random crash but only once per month or so and having to adjust settings in radeon settings because of various issues with certain games/applications. Not nearly as bad as the 5700xt experience.

Adept I

For me, it's boiled down to switching the vBIOS to Silent Mode from the default OC Mode which has cured the system crashing. 

Running a Red Devil 5700 XT. 

OC mode is probably running way to hot and unstable.


It didn't really cure anything though. You have to settle for inferior settings as a work around to make your card work. How is that even close to acceptable?


To me, if something is marketed as overclocked, then it's set to run faster than the default settings which means unless you have full control of settings and know what to change, then your hardware will be unstable.  I think it's a little ridiculous to have an OC switch on a GPU in the first place and expect it to be stable out of the box.  Yes, that sucks but what can we do?  I think in OC mode, the junction temp is getting too high and causing system crashes.  What is stopping the crashing for me at the moment is to run the card in Silent Mode.  I don't see any impact to my game play in BF4 by doing so.

In that TechPowerUp review below, they don't mention the die (junction temp) at all.  I've seen mine hit 100*C in OC mode where the GPU temp has hit around 80*C at the same time.


I had always set a custom fan curve so I never saw a temperature that high. I highly doubt junction temps are your issue. You can look at the hot spot temp in radeon, that is junction. Even if it was, the card is set to thermal throttle at high temps. I agree about the switch. They really shouldn't call it an OC switch. It should read normal/silent. It's just that many of the 3rd party cards advertise a slightly higher clock speed than the reference model which in-turn they can call it an OC. It all boils down to you are not getting what you paid for. I believe that 90% of the issues are driver related and that 10% are related to AMD pushing these cards too far from the factory. They wanted to get every bit of performance out of them that they could. That is why many people are able to fix crashing issues by undervolting.

If I were you I would put the card on OC, undervolt a bit, and run a custom fan curve.


I switched back to OC mode and did what you suggested.  Set a profile for BF and set Tuning Control to Manual and selected Undervolt GPU for Auto Tuning.  Played 3 rounds and didn't crash.  GPU stayed at around 81*C and Junction about 92*C, it never went over 100*C.


It's weird because the Silent Mode reduce the fan, it results in a increase of the temperature...
PowerColor Radeon RX 5700 XT Red Devil Review | TechPowerUp 

And Phroze, when you talk about crashs, did your computer reboot ? Sometimes people talk about black screen and PC was still running and this is a drivers issues I guess. 


Silent mode also reduces the clock speeds and voltage which results in worse performance. As for crashing, I got the black screen and the computer would eventually reboot in its own. 

Journeyman III

Good morning I would like to tell how I solved my problem just like you had the problem of the random restart of the PC, without prior notice just a crashing black screen with a strange sound and the restart of this.

Components of my PC

  • • RX 5700 OC GIGABYTE GAMING BIOS F3 / 0922
    • RYZEN 5 3600- STOCK
    • DISCO SSD 240
    • SSD Kingston SSD A1000 de 1 TB

  • I checked a lot of forums and read that turning off hardware acceleration in google Chrome or discord could help with this problem but it was not my case and still had the random reboot.
  • I thought it was my memory that was giving the motherboard a problem. Since I use XMP 3200 MHz from Ripjaws and I did a stress test with the Memtest86 application. In which no error was detected.
  • I thought it was my SSD but the state of his health was good and without errors.
  • Lower the voltage to the undervolting and frequency graph. (It remained a little stable but I still restarted my pc)
  • Switch between different versions of the driver up to the recommended ones and nothing was still happening the problem.
  • I already gave up and thought that it was the source of power and that I should change for another. But this was not the case.
  • I tried to deactivate the audio driver if Realtek double comes out in case it produced a failure, and like the others, sooner or later I would restart my PC,

Problem produced by: (My observation)

• Crashed between google Chrome to have it open and an active game.
• Chrome open and without stressing the graph.
• Instability in a game within minutes of entering or for 1 hour or less.

Currently I do not present any restart of the pc and I have the Rx 5700 Gigabyte working to the maximum with overlock.
   -GPU 1850 clock speed
   -Vram speed 1820
   -20% energy limit
   -Custom ventilation curve (to your liking)
   -Temperature does not exceed 60 ° C

Programs needed for my solution:
  - BIOS page according to your model and brand
  - DDU
  - Controller 20.4.2 Adrenalin

You may flash your graphics BIOS at your own risk.

Step 1: Make a save of your current BIOS with ATI ATIFLASH and then flash the BIOS of the RX 5700 graphic, as I explained it had the F3 / 0922 so download and flash the F2 / 0922 which at the end I restart my pc.

Step 2: After the restart, enter the safe mode and I uninstalled the graphics driver with the DDU application, eye with this, giving it the option of Clean and shutdown (Recommended to install new graphics). Necessary so that Windows does not reinstall another driver on its own.

Step 3: After cleaning and shutdown. I proceeded to turn on and return to the option of the safe mode of the PC this time I did not have any graphic driver installed and I proceeded to flash the BIOS of my graphic to return to the one that had at the beginning which was F3 / 0922. Go from F2 / 0922 to F3 / 0922 again. This was successful and my pc rebooted.

Step 4: After restarting the pc, I went back into safe mode again, there I gave it to install the downloaded driver and left additional options on the Adrenalin screen and checked the option to restore factory settings (recommended). In which after this I restart my PC and enter normal mode. There install the same driver without checking the factory default option. 20.4.2. Successfully carried out these steps I followed with another option.

Step 5: I had a question about a Startup option which was (disable automatic restart after an error) so I decided to go into that mode since I did not lose hope. And it rebooted and I proceeded to go into the Adrenalin controller and perform personal settings for my Overclock and Fans (values set above). Without deactivating neither AMD antilag, nor another option of amd (eSports PROFILE).

Graphics RX 5700 OC Gaming at its best with Overlock making the most of it and stable until now after 2 days in which I normally played demanding games with Google Chrome open at the same time.

Games tested with my Oc configuration and very stable:

   Red Dead Redemption 2 - Ultra graphics very stable now with 2 to 4 hours straight playing and no crashing (restart)

   Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare: Graphics to the max and very stable so far no reboots.

   Crucible Steam: This game gave me a lot of reboots mid-game 12 to 5 minutes to start. Safe for its instability and low optimization (After performing the explained steps, no restart of the PC was presented again)


Honestly, you should not have had to go to those kind of lengths to make your card work. I applaud you for doing it though. AMD should pay you for your time rather than have you pay you for their faulty hardware/software.


subsystem id mistmatch. i have sapphire rx 5700 xt nitro+ SE. any clues?