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Journeyman III

RX 5700 XT 99% usage after long gaming session.

Hi everyone,

i'm having problem with my RX 5700 XT. After long gaming sessions (about 2-4 hours) my GPU usage stays at 99% on idle, the only way to "fix" this is to restart the PC. It happened to me 3 times, 2 times after playing Rainbow Six Siege and once after playing Rust. When that happened i checked Task Manager and there was no process using my GPU, but WattMan and HWInfo64 showed 99% usage, about 1900-1950 MHz on core, 875MHz memory and about 60-70 *C. I tried restarting graphics driver with Ctrl+Shift+windows+B but this didnt help. After short sessions everything works normal and GPU goes back to idle state without any problem.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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