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Journeyman III

RX 5700 artifacts at 75hz?


I upgraded to an RX 5700 and I wonder if anyone else has encountered this issue. Using my monitor at its native 75hz refresh rate I'm getting these horizontal lines appearing on the display. Not tearing but coloured lines. I tried screen recording this but fraps only shows blank frames where the artifacts occur. I've tried using different display cables and HDMI, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, and turning freesync off. No luck so far except setting my display at 60hz. Anyone else?

Ryzen 5 2600, LG ultrawide 1080 monitor.

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Thanks, would be a perfect card if I could use my whole 75hz with Freesync and have V-sync work correctly, 19.8.2 seemed to stop crashes for me.

So far we have not been able to reproduce the display artifacts, here was our test setup. 

Z170 Motherboard + Intel CPU

19.8.2 +5700 XT

Win 10 19H1 

XR382CQK (HDMI/DP @ 75Hz) -- Passed

Forza Horizon 4

Please could anyone who see's display artifacts (lines across the screen) provide the above information along with steps  we can follow to reproduce the issue as perhaps we are missing something in our testing. 

We were able to reproduce the issue with using Vsync and 75HZ displays. 


Hey Amdmatt,

I don't think there are any steps to replicating it other than just plugging in the display port and setting it to 75hz. And then playing some games. Here is something I did notice that I've seen no one has mentioned. If you enable VSR and you increase the resolution higher than your native resolution then the problem goes away. And I'm not sure why. The problem is at least for me is I lose a lot of performance in games.

Also, just to note I brought a brand new display port cable, which changed nothing. 


Hi amdmatt,

That monitor has a pretty high native resolution, and in my experience it happens when the load on the GPU is a bit lower. Most of us have 2560x1080 displays, so maybe set the resolution down, and retry, in order to take some load off the GPU?


We were able to reproduce the issue with FreeSync disabled, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We'll work on it and aim to fix it in a future driver. 


I don't have exactly the same setup as many others in this thread (60hz 2560x1080 display without Freesync), but was able to reproduce the horizontal line artifacts in the CPU test of 3DMark Time Spy.

I'm also having similar issues that others have reported elsewhere such as poor desktop perfomance (broken desktop V-sync?), poor video playback with hardware acceleration in Google Chrome, and V-sync in games setting to half refresh rate instead of full. The last issue I seemed to be able to fix temporarily by setting a custom profile in CRU at 61hz. Setting in game resolution to 1920x1080 also allows V-sync to work properly.

Here's my system information:

ASUS Z170 Maximus Ranger VIII + i5-6600k

19.9.1 + RX 5700

Windows 10 Version 1903

LG 25UM58-P (HDMI, 60hz, 2560x1080)

Hopefully more information can help get to the solution to these issues.

Journeyman III

Hay ,

I have the exakt Same Problems too.

Ryzen 2700x

Msi x370 gaming pro Carbon

RX 5700XT Red Devil

LG 34UM68

V-sync Problems and random bluescreens , i hope 19.8.3 will fix it

Adept I

bluescreens =/

Adept I

Today's update has not mitigated any of the issues above for me, has anyone had better luck with it?

Nope the driver didn't fix anything for me either.

Seemed to be a driver fix for some small thing, only 1 note in the update, that and GOW5 ready drivers.

No fixes for this stuff.

They need to fix it, seems to be an everyone with these monitors issue

Nope, having still the issue, also they still didn't acknowledge this issue from what I can see on Known Issues in readme, why even bother to send the report?

You should all send in another report for every new version of driver that does not fix or acknowledge the issue. You have no way of knowing what for this latest driver came from. They need to be informed every time. It is the only way you have a voice with AMD, so use it. Yes it is deeply frustrating and seems to be an exercise in futility but it is all you have, if you choose to keep trying with the card.

Journeyman III

Same here. Received my 5700XT today and started seeing this problem when playing League of Legends. 75Hz FreeSync on. Also appeared on Insurgency Sandstorm, but less noticeable. Also an LG ultrawide. Was about to return the gpu thinking I had a defective unit. Glad I googled it first.

Adept I

19.9.1 - next version of drivers and still no information about freesync and 75hz problems (also occurs on 60hz at 21:9) . When will you post the information about this as official problem with drivers? Or this is a hardware problem and we should return cards at this point?




I'm willing to bet gpu bios. I say this because the issue exists outside of windows, at least for me.

Adept II

This worked for me


RX 5700 + 75Hz Freesync Monitors Band-aid ( YMMV ) : Amd 

Try going to AMD Radeon Settings -> Display -> Click on "+ Create" on the far right of Custom Resolutions -> Click on the Refresh Rate and edit it to 70Hz and save it.

Double check it's at that resolution under Windows settings for it and make sure to run your games at 70hz refresh.

I can now use Aero , Vsync and Freesync without artifacts and no halving of refresh rate. Blackouts when tabbing out of a game are gone too so long as Aero is enabled.

Please do leave a comment if this has helped you.

My monitor is lg24mp59g-p ran via Display Port and I'm on Windows 7 with 19.7.5

Journeyman III

Here's a fix : 

Big thanks to u/wsippel who found the issue and workout a fix for it.

So update here, the issue came back after i rebooted the system and could be still be fix the same way.

i've had these aritifacts (horizontal black bars, about 20 pixels wide, across the top part of the screen flickering at random intervals always at the same height) espacially in battlefield one, and when watching youtube videos.

i  have a 75Hz freesync display:iiyama  22 inch flat 16:9 aspect ratio 1920*1080.

When i go down to 60 hz without freesync the flickering is reduce but does not go away. and when i do the fixing guide the flickers goes away completly even at 75Hz with freesync.

I've also tested my setup with a 144Hz dispaly without freesync and i've not seen any artifact during the all session with the same games tested and while watching youtube videos. I was only able to test it for about 3 hours tho.

Problem here is it reverts after computer restart.

Hopefully amdmatt‌ can forward this to, seems to be a couple issues to patch up.


Yeah this doesn't work, I've tried it. It think the issue you have is completely  different than what 75hz ultra wide users are experiencing .

Journeyman III

YEP,i have this problem too....

Adept II

I'm getting the same artifacts at 75hz but on an RX 590 from PowerColor

It usually happens when Freesync is enabled... the Best option is to try and use the stable build untill they try and fix these broken drivers.

I tried that and it still gave me artifacts


I spent 10 hours yesterday, on my day off, fighting BSODs caused by RX 5700 XT drivers. No less than 5 different variation of BSODs. I also was getting artifacting at various resolutions, most notable when UI elements or overlays were enabled. IE Radeon Overlay. The artifacting was isolated near the top of the monitor. Also, all games with Vsync-on were capped at 30 FPS. When Freesync was enabled it caused several hard crashes + the artifacting but allowed me to play at 75hz.

I got so fed up I ordered an overpriced 2070 from Amazon for same day shipping, plugged it in and lo and behold: NO CRASHES OR PROBLEMS. I am willing to hold onto the RX 5700 XT for a bit longer to wait for fixes but that was such a horrible experience it has severely tainted my opinion of AMD. Every time I build a PC I tell myself "I'm not doing AMD again, it gives me nothing but headaches" and I end up doing it out of a desire to support them. Seeing how well the 2070 works out of the box, I may return that to get a better priced Nvidia card. But that all depends on how quickly drivers are rolled out, and if they actually work.

This was so miserable I made an account just to bring visibility to the issue. I am glad I am not the only one with this problem.

Ryzen 9 3900x CPU

RX 5700 XT Gigabyte Gaming OC GPU

Aorus x570 Pro Wifi MB

Corsair 3600MHz RAM

LG 34UM68-P Monitor


Interesting thread.  Fired up a game @ 75Hz--no artifacts, no halved frame rates, etc.  Soulbringer--an old game, but a charming one, and 1280x1024 is the game's highest native resolution, and my monitor can run it @ 75Hz.  I did notice, however, that if I set my GPU to do GPU scaling (on), that suddenly my 75Hz resolutions vanish from List All Modes.  But turning off GPU scaling restores the resolutions the monitor can actually do to the List All Modes resolution and Hz list.  GPU scaling off seems the better setting.  (This has nothing to do with whether or not you can get "Full panel" stretching and the like, you can, if you want it, even with Display/GPU scaling off. ) Also, I use a DP 1.4 cable with a DP 1.4 monitor, and the 5700XT, of course, is a DP 1.4 GPU.  (You need 1.4 to do HDR, etc.)  My monitor also does Freesync (1) at 4k and below, but I often simply turn it off in the driver CPL as most of my games run with vsync off with almost no tearing--not talking about Enhanced Sync, which right now seems broken for the 5700 series, according to the driver notes.  It's been a long time since I've run a game in which frame tearing is noticeable and distracting, and with vsync off I easily exceed 60 fps even though the monitor itself caps at 60Hz at 4k.  Running the 19.9.1 Adrenalins, clean installed.  Monitor: BenQ EW-3270U--really like it. GPU is 50th Ann 5700XT. Windows 10, v1903, build 10019.


I think your monitor is not ultrawide, the issues discussed appear on ultrawide 75hz

They have had on and off again problem with ultra wide for 2 years now. It was even confirmed by a mod here 1 version of the driver before Navi released that the driver had switched again to an earlier branch. AMD has (and I don't get why) kept several branches of their drivers that are in development. They tend to fix something in one branch while working on new features (like being ready for Navi) in another. They then release a driver that now has something broken in it again. You all just need to keep letting AMD know you issue for every driver that releases that does not fix or mention the issue as known. 

You re right and i am sending them reports daily, this card costs the same as a 4 person family monthily income here in south america

ééé quase 2 mil samerda

Adept I

In general, exchanged for 2070 super palit, thanks.

Adept I

Journeyman III

My RX5700 has arrived yesterday and I have the same issues with the card on my LG 29UM59-P monitor.

I have also tried to  run some games (in this case it's Minecraft) on my 60hz 1080p tv  but it's even more worse on it (picture). 

Games like PUBG, CSGO and R6s are playable but the performance is half than promised.

I can't adjust the hz on  my monitor so I think I will have to return the card the next few days and also buy a RTX card  instead.

I had 3 vegas before and they all had stutters bc. of the drivers I guess. 

My currently builded in GTX 1060 runs fine and the other GTX960 too.

Amd should release drivers which 100% work  otherwise there will be a dark time for their new architecture.



Did you try going into amd settings, setting 70hz custom profile in display and turning freesync on, that fixed it for me artifact wise. Sucks that it won't run at 75 though, also limits my 8 bit screen to 6 bit but it's the best band aid I found yet.

Adept I

OMG, I figured it out. It's the 21:9 aspect ratio for LG UltraWides! If you set it to 1920X1080 there is no problem! This is a driver issue  

You tried this?

If you're having trouble with your RX 5700(XT) on your 75Hz try this ! ( and maybe other refresh rat... 

I know you have the UltraWide LCD, but it could still help.

Doesn't work for ultrawide, what does work is making a 70hz profile in amd settings, with that freesync works and no halfed v-sync(I set frame limiter to 69fps and get 0 tearing and can leave v-sync off).

My issue with this still is I can't use my full range of 75hz and it limits my color output to 6bit and not 8bit.

That said way better then using 60hz with no freesync.

Sparda try making an LCD Native profile in cru with less than 75 and see if that works. Try 72 first , then 70. That way you might be able to keep the 8bit.

Btw this is Floross.

Adept I

Actually, I was able to hack this. If you create a custom resolution w/ either CRU and or within the AMD driver, it fixes the issue. Just make the same native res and HZ then reboot.  I was able to V-Sync game with-in game. It really works. 5700xt cannot read the Ultrawide monitors correctly. If you don't want to wait go for it.

Journeyman III

Correct the Windows 10 registry key.
Changed to "1" by binary editing of DWARD "ChillEnabled" in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SYSTEM / ControlSet001 / Services / amdkmdag".
I think the horizontal lines and flickering on the screen will be improved.