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Adept II

RX 570 issue pls help

Hello Guys, Yesterday i turn on my PC. System start fine and i open chrome and the monitor just freeze with freeze artifacts, no display for a second and no signal then the wattman restore to deafult settings and all was fine. Under load card is fine, in benchmark card is fine, but this issue worried me and scared to maybe my gpu is dying...


a320 asrock

r3 1200

8gb ddr4 2400

rx 570 asus strix

drivers 19.1.1

So for now i just reinstall drivers and turn off acceleration in chrome and i willb tested.

But what it can be? Problem with drivers or system? The card is rock stability in benchmark and games.

2 Replies
Adept I

If you have steam, close it completely. It helped me with black screens and driver crashes.

Adept II

shatte‌ rly? This is werid... But i need answer my card technically is problem or system and drivers? 

I will encrese power limit and start test