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Journeyman III

RX 5600XT Alt-Tab takes 15+ seconds?

I recently switched from an old GTX 970 and my experience has been horrible so far. While alt-tabbing was instant on my Nvidia card, it takes 15+ seconds to alt tab with the AMD one, shouldn't the AMD one be faster if it's newer and better? And this is on CS:GO so it isn't even graphically intensive. I have tried turning off freesync, and both display and gpu scaling but nothing works. 
Any ideas?

r7 3800x
rx 5600xt
16gb ram 2133mhz
256 ssd

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Volunteer Moderator

Try this How to perform a clean boot in Windows (

Also, if the game is played in Fullscreen mode and the game display settings are different than the desktop display settings, then it needs to change the settings whenever you alt-tab in or out, which takes a few seconds.

Sure, the game is CS:GO and I use 4:3 in game and 16:9 in desktop however on my old GTX 970, the transition was instant, meanwhile on my new RX 5600XT it takes forever. Clean boot didn't make it any better sadly...


Alt tab is usually instant. Since you have switched GPU, have you tried a clean install of the OS to rule out any possible software issue?