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Adept I

RX 5600 XT green screen, and then reboot automatically (Event ID 41 and 18)

Hey guys, please welcome me to the green screen reboot club. Not that i wish to be inside in this club, but the last few weeks has been very stressful with all of these troubleshooting and circling around this forum, reddit, tomshardware, etc. This is probably one of the most demotivating thing i have ever experienced as i was excited to finally get to upgrade my system from intel/nvidia system to AMD system, especially in these crazy times where all of the computer parts are ridiculously priced.

A month ago, i built my system with Ryzen 5 5600x and Rx 5600 Xt (i know the gpu is a little bit weak for the cpu, but i am still comfortable playing in 1080p). It began 2 days after i successfully booted my newly built system. I was doing some benchmark on Red Dead Redemption 2 when i saw a very minor artifact at the bottom of the screen when turning MSAA on. I shrug it off and right after it finished benchmarking, bam, i got a blank green screen, and then the PC restarts itself.

Naturally, i googled around as this very much sounds like a hardware problem. Turns out, tons of navi architecture card owners (5700 and 5600) had the same issue. Some of them get black screens, but with very similar symptoms like mine. I heard that if you are using DP cable, you'll get black screen whereas if you are using HDMI (like me), you'll get green screen.

i shrugged it off as one time accident, until it happens again when playing kingdom come deliverance.

thus, my endless and desperate journey of troubleshooting begins. Hell, i feel that i spent more time troubleshooting than actually playing. I cant even play game peacefully as i constantly in alert for when the dreaded green screen come

My system are:

CPU: Ryzen 5 5600x
GPU: MSI RX 5600 XT Gaming MX
RAM: Corsair 16 GB DDR 4 3600 MHZ
Storage: Western Digital M2 SSD 1 TB PCIE 3 + 1 TB HDD from old system (forgot the brand)
PSU: Corsair RM650 80+ Gold

These are the things that i have done so far:

  1. Installed latest driver (not the WHQL / Recommended version, i believe it its the december 2020 version)
    - Green screen while benchmarking RDR 2. Minor graphical artifact in the bottom of the screen (distorded squares) before crashing. Crash came right after finished benchmarking.
  2. Reinstalled driver with recommended version (november 2020 version)
    - No more green screen crash on RDR2 benchmark
    - Green screen while playing Kingdom Come Deliverance (mid game)
  3. Undervolted & underclock GPU
    - Green screen while playing Kingdom Come Deliverance (mid game)
  4. Reinstalled driver with factory reset/DDU (with optional WHQL version)
  5. Turned of fast boot
    - Grew bored with the game, so haven't gone long enough to test whether it still crashes
    Green screen while playing Total War Warhammer 2 (right after loading saved game)
  6. setting DOCP (XMP) from 3600 to 3200
  7. set High Performance Mode in Windows Power Setting
  8. Installed latest AMD chipset driver
  9. Changed GPU PCIE slot from PCIE 4 (Auto) to PCIE 3
    - Green screen while playing Total War Warhammer 2 (right after turn end)
  10. Installed new motherboard BIOS (AGESA Reverted my XMP and PCIE back to 3600 mhz and PCIE 4 as i ruled out these to be the cause.
  11. Add 1 more PCIE cable to connect PSU to GPU (so im using 2 cable instead of 1 with splitter)
    - So far no green screen yet (1 day, duh. Will update this thread if i got more crashes)

The crash are very random. Sometimes you dont have it for 5 days straight, sometimes you have it twice per day. Sometimes i could play total war for 6 hour straight without crashing, but sometimes on 1/2 hour mark. It seems to happen only when gaming. Out of 5 crashes i got, 3 crashed right after loading something (after finished loading save game, ending/starting turn in total war, ending RDR 2 benchmark), while the other 2 happened mid game. The crash are identical: screen turns green, buzzing sound from speaker, and then hard reboot.

When checking the event viewer, it only shows Event ID 41 (Kernel-power) and 18 (WHEA-Logger). All of these green screen reboot did not produce BSOD minidumps. Instead, it produces WHEA-Logger dump. Whocrashed from the WHEA dump shows that the one who crashed the pc is ntoskrnl.exe, which is AFAIK standard windows system protocol. I am not an expert at debugging, but these log doesn't seem to have enough information on what driver actually crashed my system. It basically only says that "your system is forced to turn off".

I have not yet changed my hardware (PSU/GPU/CPU) to test which one is faulty, but i am quite confident that this is GPU issue. I found that almost all of the people experiencing this issue from the forums are having navi AMD card. RX 5700 XT seems to have it worse, but some 5600 XT owner have it too.

Any of you guys have found a solution to this issue? so far after installing new mobo BIOS and adding more PCIE cable yesterday, i have not yet experienced any green screen crash, but i am not optimistic. Hopefully someone here can shed some light on the solution without needing to change any of my hardware.. 


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Adept I

I have Ryzen 5 3600 and Asus Dual Radeon RX 5600 XT. Everything you said, I have all of them and same errors. I get a new system 2 month ago. I tried everything but I have no solution yet. I gave the system to my warrant but they said the system did not have the problem. I dont know what is the problem but I doubt my GPU because the problem we have, usually the source is GPU. I hope this problem will end soon...

It crashed again. I confirmed that updating BIOS & using 2 PCIE cables does not resolve the problem

It seems that i exhausted all of the troubleshooting recommendation all there is in the internet. I am buying GTX 1660 Super to see whether this is really GPU problem.

Will try for 1/2 weeks to see whether the crash still appears

Today, I went to my pc's technical service. We replaced CPU and tested the system again. The green screen issue strikes again. Then, we replaced another GPU instead of mine. The green screen problem has solved. Thus, I am absolutely sure the problem source is GPU. I gave my gpu to service(ASUS). I hope, they will give me repayment. So, probably your problem source is GPU too. If you want to get rid of this problem, you have to give your GPU to your service. I hope this information will help to you.

Glad that resolved the problem for you. Since changing my gpu to 1660 super, i've also never experienced green screen.

may i ask on how you replicate the green screen on your pc technical service? Mine happens so random that it is not possible to deliberately replicate the green screen crash. I am afraid when my service center test the gpu, they did not experience the green screen problem and rejected the RMA.

Actually, it was a little luck. Generally, the green screen problem would show itself in battlefield 1 online loading screen for my pc. I tried again join the online in front of technical service and the green screen problem showed up itself. If I would not do it, probably they would not experience the green screen problem. Because the green screen never showed itself in Furmark or OCCT etc. programs. So like I said, it was a little luck.