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Journeyman III

Rx 5500 XT 4GB Warzone issue

Hello, I am owning Rx 5500 XT 4gb as a gpu and Ryzen 5 3600 as a cpu alongside with 16gb ram and 1 tb m2 ssd. I have been playing warzone with that configuration for more than 1 years without any issues. I got like 60-90 fps in lowest settings in 1080p. My issue is, I could not play game anymore. The issue which I showed below makes game unplayable. When I look the numbers through MSI Afterburner, I saw that the usage of gpu drop down to %0 so often that probably cause of the issue. Is there any body that encounter such an issue and how could i solve it? I did everything I saw on forums and I could not sort it out yet.





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