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Journeyman III

RX 480 8GB flickers on ASUS XG32VQ

Hello guys,

I've just recently bought an ASUS XG32VQ (1440p, 144hz, Freesync) for my RX 480 8 GB. I've noticed strange behaviour when in 144hz mode; it flickers heavily when I use it for general task (browsing, scrolling, idling in desktop), both with Freesync on and off. However, when I game, no flickers to be seen. When I set to 120hz mode, the flicker is completely gone.

Already DDU-ing,reinstalling graphic drivers to latest (18.3.4) and installing monitor's driver. So far I can't eliminate that non-gaming flickers.

Any suggestions?

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Journeyman III

I have same issue for this system settings

ASUS 31,5" XG32VQR

i5 3570 cpu
mainboard : z77 gigabyte ds3h rev1.1
ram :1600 mhz 16 gb
display card :amd r9 290 4 gb sapphire +rx 580
connection style : display port cable 1.2
silverstone 1000 watt power supply
amd win10 64bit driver ver 19.12.3
windows 10 64 bit
freesync on------>flicker , blink problem ???
freesync off------>no problem
Extreme fluctuation between 60-144 Hz, no game fluency---- freesync off
Extreme fluctuation between 60-144 Hz, no game fluency---- freesync on
Both graphics cards(r9 290-rx580) were tested on the same motherboard did not change anything.Hz (60-144) fluctuation continues.
z77 motherboard x16 input does not work, video cards pci exp x4 inserted into the slot, can this be the reason?
I will upload the video about the flicker light problem soon, thanks for your attention good studies.