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Journeyman III

Running RX460 on my Lenovo desktop GPU-Z shows "board power limit" 48W ?

I bought an MSI RX460 4GB to use on my Lenovo H50-50 with 280W stock PSU. I've read before on forums and sites that "all PCI-E slots supply 75W as standard". There are no markings on the motherboard itself. GPU-Z 2.9.0 displays "Board Power Limit: 48 W" on advanced tab. I run tests and consumption does not exceed 48-50W even when GPU seems under %100 load. Does that mean my PCI-E slot can not, will not in any case provide 75W? Will I be able to benefit fully from this video card? Should I return it? Thanks in advance.

(i5-4460, 8GB DDR3, Win 7 64)

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The PCIe slot can supply 75w of power, it's required to in the PCIe spec, the problem is that your 280W stock power supply is likely not even 280w and should be replaced before performing any hardware upgrade.