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Journeyman III

running hot on idle [GPU]

What's up peeps, so recently I got myself a drawing tablet. I plugged it in and everything is great. But when I disconnected from the connector hub (HDMI, power, and USB-A), I noticed that the GPU temps were starting to rise. I did some testing and for whatever reason, if nothing is plugged into the card and the card is powered, the temp begins to rise.

Something plugged in:
temps @ idle are ~35-40

Nothing plugged in:

temps @ idle are ~75-81

This has never happened before, I never had any reason for the card until recently but it was powered and running without issue.

My card is a AMD Radeon R9 280x (no overclocking)

Nothing is using the card when it's not plugged in.

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Might be related to the 0 RPM feature. Create a custom fan curve and see if it fixes your issue. I had a similar problem and posted it some days ago. Then I fixed it and shared it here:

I guess I'm confused because I don't see that option. Can you clarify?temp.png


Click on "Fan control (%)" to your lower right. It should change from "Auto" to manual or something like that. A fan curve editor should show up.

BTW, when was the last time you changed thermal pads and paste to this GPU?


I've never done that. Man it must be really dry cause its a very old card.


Every thing that gentlan said. New paste will drop that idle temp 20 degrees, My 390x this happened on its 3 rd year of life. Drove me nuts. Until I was installing a closed loop on cpu and since it was torn down anyway, and I had it on hand... went ahead spent 15 minutes to put the arctic silver on the gpu as sell... Litterally 20 degree difference . In game at load its max temp was like 71c...  Was almost like XFX didnt put **bleep** on that die.

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