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Adept I

Riser cable for 7900 xt

I found that I had an issue posting with the lian li riser cable that came with my lian li Dan case h2o. 

As a replacement I ordered a linkup Ava cable which was the only one on Amazon I could find that was tested with the 7900xt. This cable did work but unfortunately it’s only available as a right angle cable which will not work in the Dan case.

I tried purchasing a regular cable from linkup but this will also not work.

Has anyone tested a riser cable which can work in a sandwich case which is known to work well?  

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According to the Lian Li DAN case website the RX7900XT should fit inside your Computer case:

Screenshot 2022-12-20 171626.png

The card's dimensions are 276 mm x 135 mm x 51 mm, and it features a dual-slot cooling solution. Its price at launch was 899 US Dollars.

AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT Specs - GPU Database › gpu-specs › radeon-rx-7...

It fits inside the case that’s not the problem. “Posting” refers to the boot sequence that occurs when you power on your pc. So when I say it’s not posting this means I power it on but never see the bios menu, just sits on black screen. Plugging directly into the motherboard motherboard does post, it’s the riser cable which is incompatible for whatever reason. 

Thanks for the update.

I figured since it fits inside the PC case that it was directly installed on the Motherboard. So what you are saying that is uses a Riser to connect to the Motherboard while installed inside the PC case.

Hey found this website that explains exactly the issue you are going through with your Riser cable not having video output during POST:

Here the author tested several Risers on a Lian PC:

Screenshot 2022-12-20 171626.png

He mentioned if you get no BIOS during POST to install the GPU card directly on the Motherboard and enter BIOS and switch the PCIe slot to the Generation of the Riser:

What if you have a riser cable that you want to use, but it’s not working. The first thing is that most motherboards – but not all – have a manual switch for PCI-Express compatibility, so Gen1, Gen2, Gen3, and Gen4. If your riser cable is not working plug the graphics card directly into your motherboard and enter the BIOS. On ASUS motherboards you need to head over into the Advanced menu, then select PCIEX16 Mode, and change that to Gen3. For GIGABYTE it is in Settings, then Miscellaneous, and then there is a toggle to switch between PCIe Slot Configurations. MSI is pretty straightforward, the B550 and X570 boards have it in the Settings, then Advanced, and then the PCI Subsystem Settings. There is a section called the PCI_E1 Gen Switch, with the E1 meaning it is the primary slot. Click on this and you can change it to Gen3.

NOTE: You might just have to wait until a manufacturer comes out with a Riser Cable that is compatible with AMD 7000 Series GPU cards or you find another Motherboard that will work with a 7000 series GPU card using a Riser.

Adept III

If the Dan case came with a pcie gen 3 riser instead of gen 4 you might be able to use it by switching to gen 3 in bios not ideal but might be a work around until you find a riser that works and is compatible?

Adept I

I got the one with the lian li 4.0 riser, it will not work with this cable. 

Adept I

From linkedup, any other suggestions ?




The 7900XT has very small tolerance to use a riser cable due to the insertion loss. The AVA is the only one that has been tested without issue on 7900Xt and RTX4090 GPUs.
​May I ask what brand and model of motherboard are you using with RX7900XT GPU?
We plan to launch the straight (straddle) AVA riser cable in March 2023. Sorry for the long wait. The riser cables for 7900xt and RTX4090 are not easy to design and make.

Best wishes,
Tech Support
Journeyman III

I got a similar issue with my Linkup Pcie4.0 16X riser cable, when i use the riser cable; System is working extremely slow  even boot of windows takes 5min. with ssd, all games like 4 FPS, mouse cursor is glitching , Hdmi audio is cracking everything looks in trouble. When i remove the riser system works smoothly. 

So. i need to replace that riser. can anyone prefer a brand for me?

My Vga is Sapphire Nitro+ 7900xtx 

My Board Rog Strix x570-i

Journeyman III

No problem with my 7900xtx....occasionally a flash like black screen but very rare....i rather assume my dp1.4 90 degrees adaptor than the riser using the linkup pcie4 riser that came with my meshlicious case....