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Adept III

relive audio cutting out 5 minutes into recording?

I've not seen this reported yet.

In Path of Exile, whenever I record, the first 5 or so minutes are fine, but every single time at 5 minutes in the audio simply cuts out in the recording.
Additionally, the recording simply refuses to play from VLC or Windows Media player past the 5 minute mark.
Uploading the video to Facebook or youtube allows the video to play beyond the 5 minute mark, but the audio will be missing past that point.
I've only seen this issue in Path of Exile.
In other games I do get audio desync issues at times, but this is another problem entirely.
Has anyone else experienced this, and were you able to fix it?

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Journeyman III

I am having the same issue. Recorded almost 20 days and now when I opened to check before upload, I found there is no audio after 05 minutes in any of my video files. There are so much issues with AMD, I thought I took a wrong decision getting AMD GPU. Mine is RX6800, it works fine except random screen flickering, screen blackouts for 4-5 seconds. Performance and temperature has no issues but recording is a BIG Absence of sound after 05 minutes.