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So, do you think you'll even be able to buy one?

I've watched the rumors and leaks and that's what they are now... but let's say the rumors are true and RDNA 3 and Lovelace both have about 100% more performance, they will both be all bought by scalper's and miners. Or will they?

If what I've heard is true, Lovelace will have awfully high power consumption, and as disgusting as this sounds now, it may be the reason we will be able to buy Lovelace GPUs and will only have to deal with scalpers, because no miner would touch a GPU at this power to performance ratio, the rumores speak about 500- 600Watts for the top cards. Of course, other factors are also at play here. Can a miner tweak the card, so that it draws A LOT less power at 85-90% of it's original performance? Will all Lovelace cards have a power draw that high? And on the AMD side, what's the power draw there, and more importantly, did they further tweak the infinity cache to make mining performance worse? Is that even possible, without making those cards worse overall?

If if gets bad it will likely go like this: Lovelace and RDNA 3 get their release and will basically be unavailable for 2-3 months. In that time we hear how fantastic RDNA 3 is for mining, compared to Lovelace. That also means Nvidia will be able to charge whatever price they want for their GPUs, at least for the high end. I mean, that's already how it is now. And since all the AMD cards will be bought by miners, you will have no chance to buy an AMD card for even close to MSRP, if MSRP will still exist in 6 months. I've left out all the bad things that could happen with China and Taiwan because if it gets really bad there, GPUs are probably not a thing for the next years.

What do you think?

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