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Adept I

Random crashes to black screen - 7900XTX

Hi everyone,


I'm getting a bit desperate about this issue... ever since I purchased my 7900xtx, I'm getting random crashes to a black screen on my system. The sequence is the following:

1. The graphics output on my main monitor freezes, I can still move the cursor though.
2. shortly after, the curser freezes as well, however, audio from youtube (on my second monitor) continues to play
3. Both of my screens go blank, the audio still continues to play
4. after about 30 to 60 secs, my monitor comes back, youtube stops playing, discord crashes, and depending on the game, it either recovers with the mousepointer permanently visible, even while right clicking in WoW, or crashes completely in Cities Skylines II...
5. I get a message about a graphics crash, and an info that "Default performance tuning settings have been restored due to an unexpected system failure." (even though I am running on default tuning already)

This happens at least once every couple hours.

I have checked my temperatures, they are all well within limits. the hotspot temperature on the GPU is around 75C, the die temperature around 65C to 70C (watercooled system). When I plug an older 6800xt in my machine, everything works just fine.

I guess it's either a driver issue, that AMD hasn't fixed since release, or an issue with my GPU itself... but I'm a bit stuck here, as I can't justify spending another 1k just to try another 7900xtx, I'd rather go with a 4080 by team green at this point if AMD can't fix my issue...

It seems to improve or worsen depending on the driver version, but no driver has been crash free. It seems to get worse the longer the current driver version has been installed.

I know my card had one of those defective vapor chamber coolers initially before I put my waterblock on (it did crash with the stock cooler already)... I wonder if that broken cooler might have damaged something on the die???

Might anybody have any idea how to fix this? Thanks.


My system is the following:

ASRock Taichi X670E
AMD Ryzen 7950x
Corsair DDR5 6000 30-36-36-76-112
AMD Radeon 7900xtx (reference design, by sapphire)
Samsung LC49RG90SSNXZA DQHD monitor @120Hz Monitor 1
Asus VG278HE @ 60Hz Monitor  2

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Adept I

Try updating to the beta 24.2.1 drivers (after using the amd driver uninstaller), then go into the amd control panel: performance->tuning->custom->gpu tuning->advanced control-> set the max frequency to 2500 mhz, then hit apply.


Thanks, I've tried that for a couple weeks now, and it does improve the frequency of driver crashes. Albeit, it does not 100% fix the problem.

Also, I don't think I should have to reduce the performance of my card in order for it to run stable...


Did you already tried that? I would be surprised if it works. With the 23.12.1 drivers I don't have to limit the max frequency and I have no crashes.


You should always list your power supply make/model when listing your specs

Are you using any cable extenders INSIDE your case? .. ie .. PCIe riser cable ..etc

ThreeDee PC specs

it's an EVGA 1kW power supply. I don't use any extensions in the case other than a PCI-E riser.

I have however been able to rule out other components, as when using a different GPU (6800XT) the system runs flawlessly.

Adept III

Is probably the drivers issue, as everyone is having these crashes, including me on my 7900xt.

The drivers that worked for me are 23.12.1.

This is what I am using until AMD fix the driver timeouts that cause the crashes.


Recently I encountered that a faulty disk caused random resets.

Check the disk with crystaldiskinfo for writing errors.CrystalDiskInfo_20240312184118 strzalka.png

ASRock RX7900GRE Steel Legend, i5 13600K, Asrock Z690 PG Riptide, 32gb ddr4 4000mhz.