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Journeyman III

Random crashes in Red Dead Redemption 2 since Aug patch

Anyone else getting random game freezing while in RDR2 online? No error codes, game just freezes on loading screens or just randomly in game world. It requires ctrl-alt-tab out and ending task. Game seems most stable on 20.4.2 so far but game crashes with 20.8.1 as well. I'm sure its totally not Rockstar's super duper stable game but the irony is the game was stable for months running Dec. 2019 Adrenalin drivers.

Going to 2020 drivers has let me to installing and uninstalling drivers about 6 times now. 1604 errors kept popping up killing a 3 year record of gpu drivers installed on top of each other with no problems when going to the 2020 drivers. DDU fixed that but RDR2 still isn't stable.

Running an RX 570 4gb GPU. Win 7 FX8350 cpu 16gb ram.

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