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Adept I

Radeon Wattman has been restored to default settings due to unexpected system failure -XFX RX 590 Fatboy


I have just installed fresh new RX 590 Fatboy in my PC...and I'm very dissapointed so far. Games are constantly freezing and crashing few minuts after lounch.

I have succesfully passed 3D Mark, PC Mark, SiSoftware Sandra and everything was ok, but when lounching games like GTA V, IL-2 Sturmovik BoS, all freeze and than crash.

I have excluded problems with power supply, CPU cooling (avg. temp. doesn't go above 50C). I have newest drivers installed: 18.12.2. I'm using HDMI connection. I have switched GPU between PCI slots, I have tried to change settings in Wattman (dynamic frequency, power usage limit +50%) but neither of these works. I'm running out od ideas and seriously thinking of throwing this card away and get back to my old RX380 which has been working without problem for 3 years. After reboot I usually get a message that "Radeon Wattman has been restored to default settings due to unexpected system failure".

Is here anyone facing the same issue and have any idea on how to fix this ?

My Specs:

AMD FX8320 Eight Core

M5A970 EVO R2.0 Motherboard

Radeon RX590 Fatboy


Windows 10 64

Corsair 650W Bronze+ PSU

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Journeyman III

My sapphire 590 is crashing when i am using two monitors. At 73 degrees the card shut down. But on single monitor no problem with 75 or 76 degrees.


Are you using a custom fan and temp profile? The 580's suffer from horrible throttling issues and default settings don't work. Look at my picture for my settings. You might want to try something similar and see if it helps.



Thank you for feedback. I have clean installed my Windows 10 (along with disk format) and guess what...It froze on clean installed Windows 10, even before drivers had been installed (with the same message "Radeon Wattman default settings have been restored due to unexpected system failure"). That's enough for me. Why product is not working properly on default settings is beyond me. I have get in touch with XFX and they suggested that card is probably faulty and I should try it on another PC, if problem still exist I can claim RMA warranty.

Your settings are quite similar to what I have tested so I assume it won't help in my case, but thank you very much for hint.

Distributor from whom I had purchased this card has already agreed to send me replacement and I'm seriously thinking about other model because I'm really dissapointed. I have temporarily put back my old RX 380 Windforce and it works like a charm. Thank you for your help.

I would agree if you have done those things without helping that it is likely bad hardware. Honestly for what you paid, on of those new Nvidia RTX 2060 may be the better buy at that price range, if you can get your hands on one. My RX 580 works but absolutely requires a lot of tweaking to do so. Any card should work out of box as advertised without the user having to figure out how to change default settings to get it to even be stable. Only tweaking that should need to be done is if the USER DECIDES to OC or UC the device.

Whatever you end up with good luck, and I hope you can get back to gaming where the biggest challenge is the game itself.

July 2019 - For those who view this at a much later date than when the thread was originally posted:

I also was unable to get clean install of Win 10 on new ASUS x399-E with AMD ThreadRipper 12/24 core, etc. 

I had to use an old video card to do the Windows install and update all drivers for mobo chipsets. Then shutdown, remove old video, replace with RX590 and reboot. Then I immediately got the current drivers for the RX590 installed. Almost all problems vanished (except the "WattMan has been reset" notification).

If you are still getting that Wattman Reset message and have not set you Power Limit to it's maximum that will likely fix the situation or make it happen much less.

Adept III

I think the first thing I would try is uninstalling your drivers through control panel, then using the Radeon cleanup utility to remove anything that might be hiding, restarting, then reinstalling the latest drivers.


The cleanup utility is a brute force method and should not be used unless it is a last resort, when used it also removes any AMD driver on the system not just graphics drivers. With the way Windows 10 reloads drivers and often gets it wrong, this is really bad. The mods here have even said to use ddu or the built in cleanup utility in the radeon driver.

Your advice could be worth trying, it certainly never hurts to try and reload drivers. However what he is describing is exactly what happens on RX 480's and RX 580s and his card is the same just a die shrink.

Now if the OP would like to try reloading the driver I would suggest you run DDU, from safe mode, then reboot with the Internet disconnected (it keeps windows update from interfering with the coming driver install) then re-install the driver. There is a custom install option in the AMD driver that replaces the old clean up utility (at least the graphic removal part), you can choose to clean install. It does however take a more brute force method also than DDU. DDU removes all the driver elements without removing all you game profiles. Most find it works better and you can still go the other route.Bottom line DDU is the most simple method and typically causes least issues and gives best results. Get it from wagnardsoft_com.


Thanks for clarifying...... I was actually looking for the DDU, I ccan't seem to find reference to it on AMDs site anymore, I assumed the cleanup utility was simply DDU that had been renamed.
Edit: because I'm an idiot..... lol for some reason I'd always assumed DDU was AMD software, I could have sworn whenever I've used it I got it directly from AMDs download site..... but yeah, he can get it from guru3d.


No it's 3rd party but Nvidia guys as well as AMD highly recommend it. wagnardsoft_com is the developer (the people who make DDU).  Guru3d is an awesome site I highly recommend and they host a slew of gaming related utilities, driver, and more importantly lots of older drives that are hard to find through other channels at times.

Adept I

I also have the same exact problem. have you found out the fix for it?


I wish I had, but I've run out of ideas and I'm sending this card back to retailer to claim RMA warranty and I'm buying something else. There's something really wrong with product which doesn't work out of the box.

Journeyman III

Hi, I had a r9 290x and started doing the same problem. The PC suddenly turned off and when I turned it on it told me the wattman error. Now I change to an rx580 and the same thing keeps happening to me. Use the AMD program to erase the drivers and do not solve it. What strikes me is that the other plate I had a lot of time and just now I made that mistake.