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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

Radeon VII not in device manager

Fans and light work but no display and i can't find it in device manager. 

Tried the card in two different PCs.

Used different risers in different slots.

Used it as a second gpu to check if it shows up in device manager, still nothing.

Tried with an own power supply just for the card (incase my 600watt was to low)

Tried to change bios settings 

Downloaded an 3rd part driver updater for PC and Radeon VII did show up as "currently offline" in THE list once.

Can't install any drivers since the card is not found

Probably tried more things but got no more ideas what to try now.

The thing is that i actually saw the card in device manager ONCE, and then it disappeard again.

On one PC the motherboard gave me 3 beeps, and the other one gave me nothing.


So any ideas? What to try next?









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