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Journeyman III

Radeon VII MultiMonitors switches around


I have 3 monitors connected with DP and just recently switched out my R9 Nano for a Radeon VII and have since had problems with the monitors switching places.

First off, the monitors I have are HP ones and I have enabled on them that the DP signal will always be on to avoid the bug of Windows thinking the monitors gets disconnected when you turn one off, and thus move all the windows, icons n what not around.

What happens is that when I turn off my monitors and then return and turns them on again, the right and left monitors or rather desktops switches places. The windows, icons n so on keeps their places but switches from right to left monitor.

If I then turn them all off again and on it switches back to the right side once more. So this has just ended up being a hassle and time waste having to do this every time I return to my computer.

Using windows 7 but also tried windows 10 and the error is the same there.

Of course this wasn't present on the R9 Nano card(Or any previous card I've had, think it was a 7970 before), at first I tried the same windows installation as I had with R9 Nano card and also fresh install but same error on both.

So, any ideas?


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