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Adept I

Radeon VII flickering and artifacts when attaching a second monitor.

  • Issue Description: With only my primary monitor running, no issues occur. With a second monitor running, I get intermittent issues that seem like flickering, artifacting, and tearing on only my primary monitor. These issues do no occur in 3D applications like games, but only in low-demand 2D applications such as chrome when nothing demanding is running, and the GPU is running at or around 25 MHz. Normal I'd associate issues like this with stability, but I have not done any overclocking, and it does not occur in games or when the GPU is under stress. I'm hoping this is something that can be fixed in a future driver, but I'd like to know if this is a hardware issue so I can get an RMA going as soon as possible.
  • Hardware:
    • Graphics card: Radeon VII (purchased directly from AMD)
    • CPU: Ryzen R7 1700
    • Motherboard: ASUS ROG Crosshair VII Hero (WI-FI) X470
    • RAM: 16GB Gskill FlareX 3200 MHz CL14
    • PSU: EVGA Supernova 850W G2
    • Monitor 1: Acer XG270HU 1440p 144 Hz freesync enabled
    • Monitor 2: HP 21KD 1080p 60 Hz
  • Software:
    • Windows 10 64 bit 
    • Latest graphics driver 19.2.2
    • Latest UEFI BIOS from AMD flashed
    • Latest motherboard BIOS version 1201
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It doesn't have to do with it directly, just a possible cause.  But now we know that an adapter lonely isn't what's going on for all of us. Cheers!


i have some of the issues regardless of what adapter is used, my guess is itll be fixed with a driver update soon. good to know they are working on it

Adept I

Just finished building my new PC, and everything is working flawlessly.  Only issue, is I too, have this screen flicker.  Using a 2560x1400p 144hz main monitor, and a 60hz 1920x1080p second monitor.  Display port used for main monitor, and HDMI for second monitor.

PC Specs:
GPU: Radeon VII (Asus)
CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x
Motherboard: Asus ROG strix x470-F Gaming Mobo
Ram: Gskill Tridentz 3200 MHz, CL16 Ram.

Did some testing last night to see how games performed and everything was fine.  Tested World of Warcraft for an hour on ultra settings, no flickering.  Tested Rocket League for an hour, no flickering.  Benchmarked my PC using Heaven-Unigen twice, using ultra settings and had no issues or performance problems.  I only encounter the flickering while browsing online, or idle at desktop.  The flickering seems to vary from only main monitor, to all the way across my second monitor.  Seems to happen at random, with some instances being more intense then others.  I've had no black screens.  I'm not sure what to 100% call it, but it seems like flickering or artifacting or something like that.  I hope I don't have a faulty GPU, that would really suck as I just put everything together and loving it so far.

Currently using Driver 19.3.3.

Edit:  Using Windows 10 Home.  I've updated everything I can think of.  I updated my second monitors drivers, main monitor, Check again for any GPU updates.  I've also fully updated Windows 10.  Still the flickering persists.

Edit 2:  While playing WoW, on ultra, I have noticed some flickering in areas when I drop below about 70 fps.  Everything higher then that, and 100+ it goes away completely.

Edit 3:  Played WoW some more, for about 4 hours on ultra setting still.  Flickering still seems to be there when going below 70 fps.  Some times my action bars flicker aswell, a white flashing, but it only happens for a split second.  Other flickering still seems persistent when FPS goes lower in some areas of the game.  If it does happen at 100+ frames, I haven't noticed anything.  Still hoping its a driver issue.


Drop your refresh rate to 120 hz. That should alleviate the issue until drivers are released.


Doesn't work for me. My screen flickers at any refresh rate of 100+ hz.

Adept I

Going to test just my main monitor for now.  Unplugged my second monitor to see if the flickering is still there.  I'd honestly like to keep it at 144hz, but If a single monitor works with no flickering, I can test out dropping my main to 120hz.

Edit:  While only using my main 144hz monitor, no secondary monitor, the flickering still persists.  I even tried changing my refresh rate with my single monitor to 120hz, and the same issues arise.  I'm really hoping this is driver related.  Would really be sad if I have to RMA or return the card.

It's actually listed in the known issues section on the latest driver release notes today, so that gives me some more hope.

Adept I

That's good to hear.  I was testing out using both monitors, and switching my main to 120hz as you suggested.  Still seeing flickering.  Not as bad, but still present.  I mean, I can deal with it, even though it's an annoyance.  Other then the flickering, my system has been running smoothly.

Journeyman III

I have the same issue and on top of the artifacts and flickering. When I installed the VII my second monitor wasnt seen in Windows until i installed the latest driver.


On a side note.. I have had no issues in Kubuntu Linux using the 18.04.01 AMD Driver.

Journeyman III

The only solution is to unistall the driver and do a custom install via windows and install the driver only. Go to Control Panel > Device Manager > Display Adapter > Update Driver > Select Search PC and browse to C:\AMD\driver name. This worked for me.. 

Journeyman III

i tried to connect my second monitor today.

and R7 driver version is 19.4.1.

But my primary monitor still flickering

AMD come on, pls fix it ASAP


They are working on it. They had updates already scheduled to go out so the fix will go into the update will go into the update later this month hopefully 

Adept I

I have also been experiencing this issue.

Windows 10 Pro 1809 64 bit 

Gigabyte Technology  Z370 AORUS Ultra Gaming-CF (U3E1) BIOS F13

Intel Core i5-8600K CPU @ 3.60GHz

1) Monitor C49HG9x  firmware m-HG949CCAA-1019.0  (DP)

2) AV-Receiver Onkyo  TX-RZ730 (HDMI)

Graphic card  AMD Radeon VII driver 19.4.1 BIOS

Drives: Crucial  MX 300 SSD firmware M0CR070 HDD Seagate barracuda  2TB HDD Seagate barracuda 1TB

Ram: DDR 4 Kingston KHX3333C16D4/8GX 2X8Gb

0:01 and 0:07 second

yes, exactly the same issue here.

Journeyman III

Any ETA on a resolution?


Hopefully a couple weeks.

Adept I

Hey all, I've been on vacation for the past week and a half but I do have an update for all of you.

They have been able to replicate the issue and are currently working on a resolution. I can't tell you exactly when it's going to be rolled out but I have an inclination that it will be this month. However, don't quote me on that exact timeframe. It should be soon though. 

I guess my last update didn't post before I left . Hope this helps! Sorry for the gap in time.

Adept I

I have this exact problem with a Vega 56 and first noted it back in January 2019. My Vega is running a 1440p 144hz IPS monitor and a 4K 60 hz screen. Horizontal lines and sometimes boxes intermittently flickering across sections of only the 1440p/144hz screen bteween 100-144 hz. Worse on certain web-pages in a browser window (e.g. this forum, and sometimes at the desktop or on MS office products. Disappears during full-screen video and at 3D loads or if running the 144hz monitor at 60 hz. Problem occurs using either HDMI and DP ports on every version of radeon drivers since 18.9.3. MOSTLY occurs when I've restarted the computer and the second monitor (4K 60 hz) hasn't been turned on. If I turn the second monitor on, the flickering almost completely stops (rare occasional flicker). Even without the second monitor plugged in it occasionally flickers, rarely though. The 144hz monitor never flickers when run via my intel iGPU or my laptop.

I've tried the following with no change:

-3 different HDMI and DP cables (all 2.0/1.4 compatible)
-New 1440p 144 hz monitor

-RMA'd my Vega 56
-All drivers between 18.5.1 and 19.3.2.

None of these worked. The problem has to be in the radoen drivers, I've literally tested and swapped out every other bit of connected hardware, including an unnecessary return of a monitor and RMA of my video card. I twice sent a report to AMD about this and never heard back, which is frustrating.


Trust me, I understand your frustrations. I went through 3 Radeon 7s, but not specifically for this reason. It's not a problem with hardware on your end, it's the drivers. They have isolated what's causing it & have a fix. The problem with drivers is they usually have 2 to 3 builds ready for release do we are just waiting for the fix to go into the upcoming updates. I personally have no idea when it's going to happen aside sooner rather than later. Try dropping your refresh rate to 120. That may help. Not permanent, but helps alleviate it.


I've tried lowering the refresh to 120 or 100 hz, it stays until it's at 60 hz unfortunately. I hope you're right r.e. upcoming driver fix.

Journeyman III

Update.. I RMA'd my MSI Radeon VII and bought the XFX Radeon VII, and all the artifacts, video stuttering and screen tearing in games (DIV2, Devil May Cry 5, and Battlefield 5.) that I suffered from are gone.. I run dual HANNSG 23 inch touch screens running two DP to DVI adapters. 

My system is a

MSI X99 Mother Board

Intel i7 6 core processor @ 3.2 Ghz

GSkill DDR4 RAM @ 64 GB 

XFX Radeon VII

Sound blaster Z


Has there been any progress with this? I am getting it really bad. 

CPU: Intel - Core i7-9700K 3.6 GHz 8-Core Processor
CPU Cooler: Noctua - NH-D15S 82.52 CFM CPU Cooler
Thermal Compound: Thermal Grizzly - Kryonaut 1g 1 g Thermal Paste
Motherboard: Asus - PRIME Z390-A ATX LGA1151 Motherboard
Memory: G.Skill - Ripjaws V Series 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3200 Memory
Storage: Samsung - 970 Pro 512 GB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive
Storage: Samsung - 970 Pro 512 GB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive
Video Card: Sapphire - Radeon VII 16 GB Video Card
Case: Fractal Design - Define S2 Gunmetal – TG ATX Mid Tower Case
Power Supply: SeaSonic - FOCUS Plus Platinum 850 W 80+ Platinum Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply
Case Fan: Noctua - NF-P14s redux-1500 PWM 78.69 CFM 140mm Fan
Monitor: LG - 27UK650-W 27.0" 3840x2160 60 Hz Monitor
Monitor: LG - 27UK650-W 27.0" 3840x2160 60 Hz Monitor
Mouse: Corsair - SCIMITAR PRO RGB Wired Optical Mouse

Windows is fully up to date as is the graphics driver. 

This is an issue on windows and its an issue with the driver, not a hardware issue. I am running macOS and its relatively stable on there. 

Adept I

I'm currently on 19.4.3 drivers and I've been having this issue since I bought my Radeon VII in March. Not only this but also if a game or application change the resolution of exits fullscreen due to another program or notification sometimes the PC freezes on a black screen and upon reboot radeon settings give me a notification about Radeon Settings getting reset due to a system error (even without any settings changed). I'm currently using an Acer 1080p monitor with DP-to-DVI and a 4k HDR 10 through HDMI using an HDMI 2.0b cable. The HDR is also inconsistent when using 4:2:0 color space and 12-bit color (only setting that currently works).

My current set up is:

CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x

RAM: 32GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3200MHz

Motherboard: ASUS STRIX X470-F gaming

GPU: Reference Radeon VII

PSU: Corsair HX 750

Display 1: Acer S2200HQL 

Display 2: TCL 55P605

OS: Windows 10 Pro 1809, build ver.17763.253.

ALL BIOS and drivers up to date.

Journeyman III

19.4.3 Drivers here with the 50th anniversary edition VII. I'm currently using a LG 24MK43OH-B as a secondary connected with HDMI. Main monitor is BenQ XL2730Z with displayport. 

Flickering happens on main monitor only during idle, browsing, and videos. I do not notice it during gaming.

All drivers up to date, fresh 1809 LTSC windows install.

Previous card was a 580 8g that had no issues.

Journeyman III

Still listed as a known issue in the 19.5.1 update today, over three months on. Starting to lose faith here...

Yeah, it's ridiculous. I'm regreting buying a Radeon VII over a 2080 at this point. 

Exactly. I got expensive card with 4 outputs and I can use just one or face schizophrenia :-(

Here we are at 19.5.1 and the issue persists. I'm gonna give them another month, maybe two, then this card goes up for sale. I've essentially been without driver support for six months at this point. I've wanted to avoid Nvidia, but the fact that they now support FreeSync pretty much nullifies the main reason I've stuck with AMD cards.

Adept I

Dear support! For more than three months I and many more users are experiencing a problem with Radeon VII!. We have the right to know when our problem will be solved! VII my Radeon cost me a lot of money and got a flicker on the monitor with a width of 49 inches. Sorry for bad English. 19.5.1 the problem persists. 

"For more than three months I and many more users are experiencing a problem with Radeon VII!"

Correction - with Radeon VII and Vega 56/64 cards. It seems to potentially afflict all cards with vega architecture, but it's a driver related issue.


AMD, fix the flickering and we'll stop bickering.

Adept II

I had a Vega64 with the same problem.

I switched to a Radeon VII and I have exactly the same problem again, is that a joke?

This happens exclusively when browsing Google Chrome.

Journeyman III

This issue still exists. Happens at pretty random times, sometimes in game, sometimes while browsing, sometimes during mining. Only occurred for me once every couple hours, until today my pc just went bonkers and everything was blinking like crazy even after multiple restarts. And then while I was afk for a couple minutes the issue just stopped and everything went back to normal. I'll try to install the old drivers later, to see if that helps.

    CPU: AMD Ryzen TR 1920X @4GHz
    Motherboard: msi X399 SLI Plus
    GPU: Sapphire Radeon VII
    2nd GPU (no display connected): EVGA GTX 1060 6gb
    Ram: 32GB 3200Mhz Crucial
    PSU: Corsair RM1000i
    Monitor1: AOC Agon AG251FZ, full HD 240Hz via DP
    Monitor2: Some old stuff, full HD 60Hz via HDMI

    Windows 10 Build 17763
    AMD driver 19.5.1

Adept I

The latest driver release notes (19.5.2) has moved the VII flickering from know issues to fixed issues! I'll be trying it out as soon as I can tomorrow. Has anyone confirmed this driver fix yet?

Confirmed fixed

Edit: the frequent flicker is gone, but has been replaced with an occasional very large flicker/artifact

Adept I

Can also confirm working on my end. It's been a little more than "a couple" weeks but I'm glad everything is finally resolved. Finally, we can go back to maxing games and browsing Chrome without massive tears. Have a fantastic weekend everyone.


Fixed as of 19.5.2. Didn't make me lose sleep, but finally anyway.

Unfortunately, it's not entirely fixed for me. It's WAY better, but I still get occasional flashes of black or yellow horizontal lines across the screen. Yellow on the desktop with everything minimized, black when using a web browser.